Pokémon Legends Arceus guide: Where to find a big Buizel


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One of the first Pokémon Legends: Arceus “Big Buizel, Little Buizel” sends you on a quest to find a Big Buizel that can be difficult to find if you’re unlucky. Our Pokemon Legends: Arceus The Big Buizel Guide shows you where to easily find a Big Buizel and how to catch it.

Where can I find a large Buizel (over 2’8″)

In general, Buizel can be found in many parts of the obsidian fields. In fact, they are there horseshoe levels Y Windswept Race.

You can of course hide and throw Pokéballs at Buizel until you get a big one, but we recommend using one Alpha Buizel to quickly complete this application. Alpha Buizel is gigantic and will fill the bill.

To find an Alpha Buizel, you can go back and forth between Obsidian Fieldlands and Jubilife Village until one spawns. Once you see it, you can stun it with sticky stickies or spoiled apricots, then easily grab it with a heavy bullet. (You can also fight him, weaken him and then catch him.)

Unfortunately, the alpha Pokemon random spawn rate is low and there is no guaranteed alpha Buizel spawn, so the answer is to keep trying and hope you get lucky.

How to check the size of your buitel

You can compare your Buitel sizes by speaking to the corps member at the campgrounds or the weed lady in Jubilife City. Once you have chosen your Buitel you can check yours continue to see their size, you don’t have to show them individually to Dorian.

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