Pokémon Legends: Arceus basically gives you a shiny Ponyta


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Look, some of us just aren’t cut out for brilliant hunting. We’re impatient and we love tossing Poké Balls with reckless abandon. I wish I could afford to grind Shiny Pokemon – I wish I had a variety of rare colors by my side, a symbol of my dedication and love for the Pokemon line.

Unfortunately I don’t have that patience. I like to run wild around the world and often scare Pokemon, which is not good for shiny hunting. butnot good for me and people like me. Pokémon Legends: Arceus Players are essentially given a shiny Ponyta for free with no actual grinding required. With just a little effort, we can have a Ponyta with a bright blue mane in our Pokemon lineup. It might not be as satisfying as sanding for hours to get an odd shade, but it works for me.

How to get Shiny Ponyta?

How to get your very own Shiny Ponyta: A few hours after starting the game, a side quest (called In-Game Request) will appear on the Professor’s community dashboard. This is request number 19: “A special Ponyta”. Once you have found iotaThe author of the question in Jubilife Village will tell you about a strange Ponyta im horseshoe levels. What’s weird about that? His mane is a fiery blue instead of the usual red. Go to the Horseshoe Plains and look for the Ponyta; You should sneak up on him so he doesn’t run away.

Catch Shiny Ponyta if you can, but it won’t be the end of the world if she gets away. You can go back to town and back to Horseshoe Plains and it will come back. Once you catch the Pokemon and return to Yota, you can keep the Ponyta. Y high five Razz Berries, which restores Pokémon HP or makes wild Pokémon a little easier to catch. What a generous guy!

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