Pokémon Go World Tourism Day event guide: field research rewards and Shinies

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the Pokemon go The World Tourism Day event has begun, which means not only shiny new Pokémon appearing for lucky players, but also specialized field research tasks to be completed by October 1st at 4pm ET.

This event includes Shiny Seviper, Zangoose, and Mime Jr. Please note that these Pokémon are still regional. Seviper is available in North America, South America, and Africa while Zangoose is available in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Mime Jr. hatches from Eggs only and is available in Europe.


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However, it appears that both Seviper and Zangoose can be obtained through some of the field research tasks in this event. Check out the list of tasks below.

Pokémon Go World Tourism Day 2019 field research tasks

spot Reward
spot Reward
World Tourism Day: Commercial Pokémon are separated by 10,000 KM Zangoose Gatherings (North America, South America, and Africa) OR Seviper Gatherings (Europe, Asia, and Australia)
World Tourism Day: Make a new friend know the nose
World Tourism Day: Send 25 gifts to your friends Encounter with Lapras

That said, it will take a lot of trading and luck to try and get a Shiny Seviper or Zangoose if they aren’t around. Both Seviper and Zangoose are migratory Pokémon, but they haven’t switched places since January 2018.

It is unknown if Shiny’s rate will be higher if you get these Pokemon through field research. While the older events used to increase the Shiny Rate on Featured Pokémon, the newest events have had the Shiny Rate on Featured Pokémon set to the normal rate of 450, with the exception of a few random Pokémon like Sneasel and Gligar. . Shiny’s rate on Zangoose and Seviper will likely remain unknown until the end of the event.

Trading costs have been reduced to 25% of the usual amount, and PokéStops grant more XP per turn throughout the event.

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