Pokémon Go Holiday 2020 event guide: Field Research and rewards


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It’s the winter holiday season, so Pokemon go hosts its annual event to celebrate December 22-31.

As usual, special Pokémon will appear in winter outfits, including Pikachu with a hat and sweater, Cubchoo and Delibird with bows, and even Stantler’s original rattlesnake. These four holiday Pokémon are brilliant to find.

In addition to creatures endowed with holidays, Water and Ice-types like Spheal, Piplup, Marill, and Snover have improved spawn rates. Vanillite, the Ice Cream Pokémon, also makes its Pokémon Go debut with this event, so use Pinap Berries when catching it.

The bread and butter of this event are the bonuses that are swapped out every other day. Each bonus starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 the next day in your local time. Here’s a timeline of the bonuses you can expect when:

  • December 22 & 23: Double Raid EXP
  • December 24th and 25th: Double Candy
  • December 26th and 27th: Double the duration of the star piece
  • December 28th and 29th: Duration of Lucky Egg doubled
  • December 30th and 31st: Double Stardust

There’s also a special set of Field Research tasks that you can obtain by spinning PokéStops during the event period.

Pokémon Go Holiday 2020 Field Research and Rewards

spot Reward
spot Reward
Catch 15 Ice-type Pokémon cryo encounter
Send 5 gifts to your friends Encounter with Delibird
Requested Poké Stop AR card Meet Snorunt or Abomasnow Mega Energy
Catch 5 Ice-type Pokémon meet snowman
Catch 10 Ice-type Pokémon Vanilla Quotes
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