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If you want to supercharge your Pokemon beyond their limits in Pokemon Go, you need XL Candy. In this Pokemon go Guide, we’ll show you something XL candy is and where to find it.

What does XL Candy do in Pokemon Go?

once yours Trainer level reaches level 40, you’ll have access to XL Candy, a giant special candy you can use to level your Pokemon past 40. You can only increase your Pokemon’s CP up to a certain point by using Stardust and regular candies. To break that limit, you need XL Candy.

It initially costs 10 XL Candy to charge your Pokemon, and the cost increases the more you charge it. it costs 296 XL Candy to max out a Pokemon. Shadow Pokémon require more XL Candy, and Purified Pokémon require less XL Candy.

Like regular Candies, XL Candies are specific to each Pokémon’s evolution line. To level your Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu past level 40, you need Pikachu XL Candy. There are also Rare XL candywhich, like Rare Candy, can be used on any Pokémon.

Where can I find XL Candy in Pokémon Go?

You can randomly find XL Candy the same way you would find regular Candy. This contains catch Pokemon, hatching eggsY Transfer Pokemon. You can also get XL Candy from Go for a walk with your Pokemon friend Y exchange with friends.

If you are really looking for XL Candy, you can Convert regular candy at a rate of 100 to 1. Don’t do this unless you’re sitting on thousands of candies because the cost is so high.

XL Candy is also guaranteed if you catch a Legendary, Mythical, or Evolved Pokemon.

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