Pokémon Go guide: How to get Lucky Pokémon

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Inside Pokemon Goplayers can get Lucky Pokémon by trading with friends. In our Pokemon go Lucky Pokemon Guide, we explain how to get Lucky Pokemon and show the reduced cost of charging these Pokemon.

Lucky Pokémon are indicated on their information page by a bright golden glow that replaces the usual background, depending on what type they get.

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How to get Lucky Pokemon

you can get Lucky Pokemon random when act Pokemon with friends. If you trade, there’s a small chance your Pokemon will get lucky. Both Pokemon will always be lucky if one of them does.

According to research by The Silph Road, Pokémon are more fortunate if they were caught a long time ago. Research shows that Pokemon younger than a year old are about a 5% probability Luckily, Pokemon that are one year old have one 10% chanceand Pokémon that are two years old have a 25% chance. That means it’s probably worth keeping Rare Pokemon around for a long time, even if it’s just for the sake of getting a Lucky Pokemon.

If you have happy friends, which happens to be best friends, your next trade is guaranteed to be happy. Although Niantic hasn’t disclosed the odds of Lucky Friends winning, some researchers on the subreddit The Silph Road are noting that the odds of Lucky Friends winning are slightly lower. 2% per exchange.

Benefits of Lucky Pokémon

Lucky Pokémon are highly coveted due to their reduced Stardust cost upon powering up. Stardust cost halved for lucky pokemon.

Normally, when trading Pokémon, the individual stats (or IVs) of the Pokémon are randomly shuffled. However, if you trade a Pokemon and it’s lucky, will always have at least 80% IV, which makes for a pretty strong Pokemon. However, if you have a lucky friend, send out a powerful Legendary or Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon.

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