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Pokemon Go: Arena Battle
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Gyms are common Pokemon go world, and these tall buildings can do more than just host raids: they allow you to earn a handful of coins every day.

after hitting level fiveplayers can access these massive structures on the world map. is the key to victory free coins and Raid Passes, a process that we will explain here Pokemon go Guide.

How do gyms work?

gyms are to team up Goals that reward coins when your Pokemon is on it. You can last up to six Pokémon at the same time, and the Pokémon must belong to the trainers of the team currently controlling the Gym. (The color of the arena corresponds to the color of all three teams: red for bravery, blue for mystics, and yellow for instinct.)

If the Gym is your color, you can place your Pokemon by pressing the plus button in the lower-right corner of the screen. If the Gym is full and already contains six Pokémon, you can’t put anything else in there. You can only place one Pokémon per Gym.

If the gym isn’t your color, it’s time to fight. You have to fight Pokemon in the gym and lower them motivation (the number with the little heart above the head) to zero. However, you don’t have to fight alone. You can battle Gym Pokemon with non-Owner friends and teammates to take down Gyms. Once all the Pokemon are gone, the Gym becomes neutral and you can place your Pokemon there to claim it.

How can I earn free coins in gyms?

If your Pokemon is in a Gym, you can reach up 50 pieces per day. Your Pokemon will win six pieces per hour It’s in a gym, but you won’t see these rooms until your Pokémon is defeated and returns home.

Even if you have multiple Pokemon in Gyms, you can’t earn more than 50 coins per day. We recommend placing your Pokémon in Gyms that aren’t in crowded places, as this will help you collect more coins. However, you don’t want to put your Pokemon in a gym in a completely deserted area or they’ll never get kicked out.

How does motivation work?

Motivation decreases over time and correlates with placed Pokemon personal computer (combat power). If you put a 2500 Zangoose in the arena, it will be capped at 2500 Motivation. Immediately after being placed, the Pokemon does not have its maximum motivation, it starts a little lower.

As motivation decreases, the Pokemon’s CP will temporarily decrease, making it easier to clear Gyms. However, the Pokemon’s temporary CP will never drop below 20% of its normal CP.

Pokémon in Gyms constantly lose motivation over time.

How do I store my Pokemon in a Gym?

You can feed it several Berry to increase your desire to defend the gym. Golden Razz Berries automatically restores maximum motivation.

You can even give them berries remotely when you access the gym. Just tap the Pokemon in the menu.

What are the best gym defenders?

The best Pokemon for gyms are the ones with high defense. That means Blissey and Snorlax are some of the best tanks to dive into, but you also don’t want a lot of Normal-type Pokemon in a gym. Combine it to make it harder for other trainers to quickly take out you and your allies. According to Game Press, Metagross, Drifblim, Togekiss, and Milotic are other good defenders in the gym.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon (except for Meltan and Melmetal) cannot be placed in Gyms.

Do gyms still do anything?

Gyms are also welcome Pokestops. You can click a PokéStop icon when you tap the Gym to rotate the emblem at the top. You also get a reward bonus if the gym matches your team when you tap on it. Spinning an Arena PokéStop also grants a free Raid Pass each day (if you don’t already have one).

Gyms also run raids, as indicated by a giant egg, and gyms from their color reward raid bonuses.

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