Pokémon Go Groudon raid guide: Best moveset and counters


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The Legendary Groudon is one of them Pokemon goIt’s the strongest Ground-type Pokemon, making it a staple in raids. Our Pokemon go The Groudon Raid Guide explains Groudon’s best counters, weaknesses, and best movesets.

Groudon’s best counters and weaknesses

To defeat Groudon, assemble a team of Pokémon the ice cream-, water-, Where grass-type of movements. Groudon’s best counters and movesets are:

  • Kyogre with waterfall and hydraulic pump
  • Galarian Dharmata with Ice Catch and Avalanche
  • royal with bubble crab and hammerhead
  • rosary with razor blade and grass knot

Different climatic conditions stimulate different types. Sunny Where clear the climate stimulates movements similar to grass, snow increases ice-type moves and Rain Boosts Water-type attacks.

Groudon’s best move

Once you have a Groudon, set it up shot mud Y earthquake to make it an excellent ground-type attacker. wear and tear ray of sunlight because an attack move is pretty good when you need a grass-type attacker.

Can Groudon be brilliant?


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Lucky players may encounter a Shiny Groudon. If you see a Shiny, catch it with the first ball you hit it with, so use a Pinap Berry for extra candy.

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