Pokémon Go Darkrai raid guide: counters and best movesets

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Darkrai finally ended people’s nightmares and performed his first Pokemon go Looks. Darkrai will be the featured Pokemon in Tier 5 Raids until November 1st at 4pm ET.

Although Darkrai is Mythic, it will not join the game as an EX Raid or as a set of special research tasks. You’ll have to take it out in raids and do your best to catch the dark-type Pokemon before it leaves.

Darkai is weak against it difficult-, fairy-, J insect-Kind of moves, so consider using any of the following:

  • Machamp with counter and dynamic punch
  • Gardevoir with charm and dazzling brilliance
  • Togekiss with charm and dazzling brilliance
  • chisel with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor

Don’t use Ghost or Dark type Pokemon as Darkrai will resist these types of moves and send them into a world of pain.

Once you have your Darkrai, set it up Tell me that quick attack and Ball of Darkness than the charge attack. If you feel bad for dark types, you can switch Shadow Ball for Dark pulsebut Shadow Ball is so powerful that it deals more damage overall.

For more information on Raids, check out our guide here.

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