Pokémon Go 2022 Community Day schedule

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Pokemon go organizes a Community Day every month (with some exceptions). Each Community Day has a specific Pokémon, increasing its spawn rate and making it easier for players to find shiny. Our Pokemon go The Community Day calendar lists past and future Community Days in 2022, featured Pokémon, and the special moves they learn.

We’ve listed all of the announced Pokémon Go Community Days below, along with the featured Pokémon and the event-exclusive special moves they learn.

Niantic may announce dates in advance without saying which Pokémon will be featured, and those dates are listed below.

Based on previous patterns, we had one Community Day per month, with December having a full Community Weekend featuring all of the Pokémon from last year’s previous Community Day.

In January, we also had a second Community Day titled “Community Day Classic” featuring Bulbasaur, which was originally a featured Pokemon in 2018. Then in April we had a Mudkip Community Day Classic, so it looks like those classic days will continue. The pattern of how often we will have them is unknown.

Pokemon Go Community Day 2022 schedule

date community day special movement
date community day special movement
January 16 Bullet Powder Snow Lance and Icicles
22nd of January Bulbasaur (Community Day Classic) frenetic plant
February 12th Oops acrobatics
March 13th Sandan and Alola Sandrew Night Slash (Sandspire) and Shadow Claw (Alola Sand Slash)
10th of April Mudkip (Community Day Classic) hydraulic cannon
April 23rd things drain hit
May 21st Alolan Geodude Go out
June Certainly Certainly
July Certainly Certainly
August Certainly Certainly
September Certainly Certainly
November Certainly Certainly
December Certainly Certainly
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