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come in Pokemon bright diamond Y shiny pearlPost-game content, you need to find a drops to complete your Pokédex. Ghost and Flying-type Pokémon only appear on a specific day of the week, so finding them can be difficult. Our Drifloon guide will tell you when and where to find Drifloon.

Where can I find driftflon?

Every game has a Drifloon, almost like a Legendary Pokemon. Drifloon will appear outside Valley Wind Turbines, east of the town of Floaroma. It will just be there and relax. However, the Pokémon only appears in Fridayafter hitting the Galactic Crew Members who tried to block the wind power plant.

You can change the time on your Nintendo Switch console to display Drifloon by going to “System Settings” > “System” > “Date & Time”.

Remember there is only one drip in Pokemon bright diamond Y shiny pearl, so once you’ve caught this one, it won’t spawn again on Fridays. If you run from him or KO him, he will respawn the following Friday until caught.

If you want a Drifloon with other stats, you’ll need to breed it.

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