Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl starter guide – Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig

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Inside shiny diamond Pokémon Y shiny pearlyou have the task of immediately choosing your first Pokemon. you can choose between water-penguin guy pippupthat grass-Turtle type Tourtwigand the Fire– Monkey type Chimchar.

Our shiny diamond Pokémon Y shiny pearl The Starter Guide will help you choose the best starter Pokémon for your own needs.

Your choice doesn’t change your game very much, but you do choose a partner to use for the rest of the game. You can choose the one you prefer, keeping in mind that the three initial ones take on a secondary type as they evolve into their final one. Path.

Turtwig – Best Early Game Rookie

In the short term, the opener that gives you the biggest advantage is Turtwig, since two of the first four Gym Leaders are weak against Grass-types. Roark, the first gym leader, is a rockDude, and Crasher Wake, the fourth gym leader, is a water– Specialist type.

Turtwig develops into torterraa grass– J floor-Insert.

Chimchar: a rare type of fire

If you play the long run, Chimchar It will be a good choice since later Gym Leaders are weak against Fire-type Pokémon. (Byron uses Steel Flavors and Candice Ice Flavors). However, if you’re this far into the game, you should have a wide variety of Pokemon and not rely on your starter.

This Pokémon region in particular doesn’t have many Fire types. For most of the game, the only choices for Fire-types besides Chimchar are Ponyta and Rapidash. With that said, you might want to pick Chimchar if you want to use a Fire type.

Chimchar evolves into as hella Fire– J difficult-Insert.

Piplup: adorable but replaceable

So if you’re planning Pokemon League, two of the Elite Four members are weak against Water types pippup can be a good choice. As with Chimchar, you don’t need to rely on Piplup for the late game as you will most likely have a full party by the time you get into the Pokémon League.

bright diamond Y shiny pearl It has a lot of Water-type Pokémon to grab. While Piplup will also help you against Rock Specialist Roark, the first gym leader, he’s nothing special. east it is a cute little penguin, and that counts for something.

Piplup evolves into Emperora water– J stole-Insert.

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