Piston Slap: You’ve Got to be All Mine…Foxy Lady!

Framework VII

Thunderjet TTAC Commentator writing :

Hi Sajeev,

Last year I bought a ’91 Lincoln Mark VII LSC for $800. It is in good shape for a Chicago area car and has 153K on the odometer. The body has no major rust issues except for the front fenders which have rust holes from the sunroof drains so the car will eventually need new fenders. The bottom and chassis are rust-free and very clean. The car sat several years before I bought it and over the last year I put about $500 into the car to replace various wear/fit items (water pump, hoses, belt, cap, rotor, spark plug wires, spark plugs and intake). The car runs well and I’ve always wanted one as I’ve been a Fox Body fan since I started driving.

I would like to keep the car because I like to drive it. My daily driver is a purchased new 2011 Ford Focus SE. It currently has about 28K and I hope to keep it for another 10 years or more. The Mark VII needs several things to make it more presentable, including a paint job and the replacement of some leather panels on the front seats. Also, I’d like to replace some wear items on the car, like the inner tubes, so I don’t have to worry about a breakdown in the future. I can get the repairs done on time/under budget and I’ll probably end up with a really nice car.


The problem I’m having trouble with is that I already have a fun car I’m playing with: a 1988 Ford Thunderbird LX. It’s a factory 5.0 car with Edelbrock aluminum heads, a GT40 intake, a Comp roller cam from .533 elevation, 2800 stall converter AOD, and 3:73 Traction-Lok ​​diff. It’s a fun car and it’s the first car I’ve bought. It’s not going away because the upgrades I’ve done to the Thunderbird over the last 12 years I’ve owned the car make it too much fun to part with. In addition to being my first car, the Thunderbird is special to me.

I wonder if it makes sense for me to have two project/fun cars or is it overkill. A little background about me: I am in my twenties and will be getting married at the end of this year. My fiancee doesn’t care about cars and she actually loves them because her daily driver is a 2012 Mustang V6 in Grabber Blue. I own my own home and only have two sources of debt: about $15,000 that I pay in student loans for my master’s degree and the other two years in loans for my Focus. I bought a new car as a daily driver because the dealer offered me 0% for 60 months. Who am I to say no to free money from Ford Credit? I am saving for retirement and dedicating 15% of my annual salary to it. I make a mid to high five figure so I’m not poor but I’m not rich. Right now, owning the Mark VII only costs me about $300 a year in insurance. Does it make sense for a late 20’s to have two fun cars or should I ditch the Mark VII and stick with the Thunderbird?

Sajeev answers:

Before I go completely crazy with a Fox Body question, one question back: do you have adequate parking for everyone’s cars?

thunder blastTo written:

The parking situation is good with the additional fox. My fiancé’s Thunderbird and Mustang reside in the garage, while the Focus sits in the driveway. I usually keep Mark in the driveway too, but if the weather is bad, my parents let me drop him off at his house. They have space in their garage that they don’t use.

I should also note that I purchased the AOD floor shifter for your 1988 Cougar XR-7 on the foxtbirdcougar forums several years ago. I think you sold it to me for ten bucks. I still have it if I ever want to remove the shifter from my Thunderbird. And yes, my Thunderbird’s graphic equalizer still works. It’s wired through a JVC head unit and the factory amp.

Sajeev answers:

From normal people won’t understand this graphic EQ trick, a pic of my Cougar for clarification:

Not only is the Fox one of the most customizable vehicles on the planet, the craziest among us convert Ford EQ wiring to RCA connections; making it work with any aftermarket stereo. And it sounds pretty good too!

How small the world is – you met me when I was a fan of the Fox UBB forum! Times are changing, but many home confinement projects are feasible for the following reasons:

  1. Your intelligent and enviable debt ratio.
  2. Possession of a new vehicle as a daily driver.
  3. Enough space in your residence for cars, without disturbing your partner.
  4. Intimate knowledge of the vehicles in question, with an excellent track record of success.
  5. Readily available parts and low cost of ownership inherent in the Fox Body modification (rest?).
  6. A strong internet community to help you when you need it. And a nice resto-mod Cougar that also has schmucks in TTAC, if that helps.

You are one lucky duck. How can I know? It’s a bit like that I live with my old Fords. BAM SON!

One last word: since you showed me yours, here’s mine. Getting rid of my shifter opened up room in the Cougar for a manual transmission. Thanks for that. And good luck with the LSC, I’m jealous.


I really, really want an 88-89 cherry LSC, but not with Porno Red leather. One of these foxes is enough.

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