Piston Slap: The Value of The Mid-Life Crisis

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Commentator TTAC HATHROI writing :

A friend-definitely a friend as i would like to buy a new mustang and be done with it.look at the 911 from the early 2000s (probably 996) when it went into mid-life crisis mode. Must have the pork. I know there may be problems with the transmission. I’d love to see if anyone knows a bit more about 996 issues, what to watch out for and what to watch out for. Practical, it is not.

Sajeev answers:

We have endlessly discussed the failure of Porsche IMS here. My brother had a pretty 996 option (of the RUF 550 variety) and spent quite a bit of time in the shop for non-IMS issues as it was a turbo. The headlight switch, for starters: apparently a common point of failure, and a good $150 for the part alone. It’s a bit downhill from there, but this thread does a good job of explaining many of the pitfalls to avoid. Or knowing what price to set accordingly when negotiating.

Because when it’s time to sell, your losses will run into the thousands. Maybe it’s part of the midlife crisis game…

So I’m not going to talk anyone away from the 996 because of depreciation (most haven’t bottomed out yet), cost of replacing parts, insurance, premium fuel, etc. it is not relevant. But buying one without PPI is sheer stupidity of the If there’s ever been a poster child for a professional inspection before opening their wallet, the 996 must be it!

Chances are you can find a nice 996 with an engine replacement after an IMS failure, repair history binders, and a clean PPI report within your budget. Of course, if you really want to play with him, invite him to a local track day. to choose Vettes, a new Mustang GT, a Miata, etc. with this 996. This will make your investment even more profitable… well, at least for you. And that is what we are really trying to help here, oh dear reader!

It’s up to you, the best and the brightest.

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