Piston Slap: The Straw that Broke the Audi’s Back?

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Wiley writing :


I have a 2006 Audi A3 2.0T with a DSG dual clutch gearbox. I really like the car and my plan was to keep it for a long time. As the original owner, I have accumulated nearly 125,000 miles. I scrupulously followed the maintenance and inspection of the car, although these 125,000 kilometers were not exactly without problems.

Although the car ran fine overall, storm clouds are brewing: the transmission is starting to malfunction a bit and has slipped several times in the last thousand miles. I have read that this could be a symptom of problems with the mechatronic unit on early Audi DSG transmissions, and that I should expect to pay $3,000-$5,000 to fix this problem.

Since the car is probably only worth about $5,000, should I get rid of the car now before I have to do transmission work? I prefer not to buy another car at the moment, because I don’t see a really interesting replacement for the A3 today (including the new A3).

Thank you,

Sajeev answers:

Unlike last week’s Lexus hybrid battery issue, there’s a good reason to trade in an 8-year-old Audi DSG for newer metal. And while this vehicle is one of the most well-rounded and well-designed vehicles on the market…it will take a lot of cash for the ownership experience. Compared to other great machines less than 10 years old, that is!

Considering your fourth sentence, you already know that this is coming. So here’s the rest of your reasoning, son.

His ride is fodder for someone capable of spending hours/days fixing up cheap Audis, either for personal use or for resale. Think of a Steve Lang type with more interest in self-torture. He/she can repair or replace DSG units for less than $3-5. Most likely they also have a VAG-COM.

My advice? Get something (anything) more from Japan or the USA because their parts, workmanship and quality are much more profitable for a long-term owner like you. Or maybe South Korea, because Mr. Schreyer has done a fantastic job adding a Teutonic touch to the practical and fun Korean iron.

Frankly, I see you trying to drive a new KIA Soul and you love it. And he will love you for the next 10 years.

Or start renting Audis for short-term fun. It will also work.

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