Piston Slap: The S5’s life saving Mercury?

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Chris writing :

Hi Sajeev,
I have a 2010 Audi S5 with about 45,000 km. My local mechanic recommended Mercury’s warranty for mechanical breakdown coverage…a bargain of $4,700 for 5 years, or an additional 52,000 miles?

I’m afraid it’s easy to add those repair dollars.

Sajeev petition :

Needing the guarantee is a safe bet, good for you. The question is, can they repair the S5 at the Audi dealer under this warranty? What is the deductible? Are loaner cars covered?

Chris answers:

Yes, loaner cars are covered and I can have them checked wherever I want. $100 deductible. This is your platinum level exclusion policy…

Sajeev concludes:

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Yes, that’s a good thing: but shop around because someone else might sell it cheaper. So what is the only problem here? This is not a factory warranty, with factory customer service.

Will this company gut your AWD performance coupe after a certain payment threshold? It’s possible. But, from what I’ve seen with people much braver than me, the time when your 4+ year old German bahnburner draws the ire of the underwriting department is after the warranty paid for itself.

It may also be necessary to ask an Audi dealer about the possibility of an extended warranty.

And now let’s see what the best and the brightest add to the mix!

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