Piston Slap: The I’s Have it?

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TTAC Commentator writing :

Need Advice: Struggling with a decision on what to do with our daily driver. It’s a 2002 Infiniti I35. 140,000 miles mostly no issues, easy and no problem. Does everything we want, has some comfort, is in perfect condition and clean.

The problem is that last month I put new front brakes on for $245.00. At that time, my mechanic briefed me on some impending items that likely need to be addressed over the next month:

  • Leaking Head Gasket – $535.00
  • Front Axle Boots – $385.00
  • Front Wheel Bearing – $620.00 (I did the other one last year)

This car has had the fewest problems, but I also understand that it is getting old and will probably need more and more attention. I am very tempted to sell it and get something newer (not new) with less miles. Probably another Infiniti or maybe an older Mercedes A4 or E-Class.

Or should I fix it and blame bad timing for everything happening at once and thus making it look worse than it is?

Thinking? Thank you very much!

Sajeev answers:

Isn’t it funny how one decision can cause a chain reaction? Or then-if you choose wisely-not?

Here’s the deal: If you buy a used A4 or E-Class (with no practical CPO warranty), you’ll wish you hadn’t spent a lot of money reconditioning the I35. The I is definitely an old car that needs constant frequent attention, but it is not a stumbling block of disappointment in terms of money and time. With those nasty German parts and labor costs, you may not be considering.

Perhaps one day we can say that a 4-10 year old vehicle from this part of the world is a fair proposition for people living in the United States – perhaps time will tell.

A newer Infiniti is the smarter choice: It keeps you in the premium luxury sedan game and is less likely to punish your wallet than German alternatives. But the new Infinitis lacks the benefits of the I35’s inbreeding with the Nissan Maxima. In this spirit, Dare I suggest a Camry-bred Lexus ES?

The generalizations are all good and elegant.is at the heart of the Internet in general and Piston Slap in particularbut what does it boil down to?

This is the time value of money.

Will the I35 leave you stranded more often than a newer car? Most likely. Will it be cheaper to fix those unexpected surprises and normal wear and tear items? Indeed. So are you going to miss the I35 if it’s goodbye?

If you replace it with an out of warranty Benz/Audi, I can almost guarantee it.

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