Piston Slap: The Fuel Harbinger of Fusion Steering Fail?

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TTAC Commentator bobby flashpants writing :

Hi Sajeev,

I have a unique problem with my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I posted it on fordfusionforum.com, and so far no one has heard of anyone having the same problem. Here is the link for the post, and the text is reproduced (and edited to remove site-specific context) below:

I have a 2010 Fusion Hybrid that is about 40 miles away from hitting 100K. I bought it used 2 years ago with 69,000 miles. (Note: this is as of 05/02/14) For the past 6 months I have had issues with the “Service Power Steering NOW” and “Service Advancetrac” warning lights, and the associated deactivation of the power steering system from the electric system. I’ve seen this issue reported before, and I know I’m not the only one who’s encountered it.

This fault has occurred 3 times and the system has been reset each time: once at a Ford dealer, once at an independent repair shop, and once at a tire center (who claimed they didn’t know how to do this, but the system it was working normally again when i restarted it to exit). Both the dealership and the Indy shop recommended replacing the steering rack as the only permanent fix, each estimating ~$1500 for the job (which matches what others have reported when faced with this issue).

Here’s the thing though: After seeing this happen so many times, I realized that failures only happen when the fuel level is below 1/4 of a tank. As long as you fill it to between 1/2 and 1/4 quart, the steering and stability control will continue to function normally. Haven’t I seen anyone else reporting this kind of correlation?

In the interest of full disclosure, the Carfax showed that my Fusion had been in an accident with the original owner, and we had an incident where we hit a curb and mailbox that required a new wheel hub/bearing, tire, rim and windshield. .

I’m in a nice little town in Georgia with only one Ford dealer. The Indy store I normally use is pretty good (if not particularly cheap compared to dealer rates), so before I head to Atlanta or Columbus for a fourth opinion, I’m wondering if you or any of B&Bs have an idea of ​​a cheaper solution for a system that doesn’t really seem to be down.

Thank you! I’m a long time TTAC ranger, I’ve been following Murilee since Jalopnik and I’ve been absorbing the power of your Panther Love for a few years now. My best wishes to you and the team!

Sajeev answers:

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Well, I’m glad you listened to me, so you know you need to sell that one time crashed Fusion and for a special Crown Vic for the 2011 fleet. Is there any other solution?

If you have to live in the real world, a place I normally don’t like, I suggest this review from a Ford dealer in a larger city. Damage to the front suspension most likely created the steering rack problem. If the damage required a new front hub, wheel, and (something as shocking as) the windshield, chances are the steering rack is out of spec.

Is it possible that the same module that communicates with the power steering system controls the processor for a fuel vapor canister or the low fuel level warning relay? Calling it over the top is a pretty big understatement, even taking the bodily damage into account. Physical damage from steering makes more sense.

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Hopefully, modern Ford trainees can leverage their skills, training materials, and connections to Dearborn to solve this problem. My money is on a new steering rack to fix the problem. He was not uninjured when the tire blew out and the windshield shattered.

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