Piston Slap: Spicy…or Spicier?

2006 Dodge Charger. Image: Dodge

John writing :

Good job, Sajeev!

I have an 06 R/T charger and am considering buying a set of Eibach springs from it. What other costs may be associated besides installation? What other products should I buy, if any?

Thanks for any input.

Sajeev answers:

Well, son, there was a time when lowering the springs ruined a half-baked rig’s suspension setup—kudos to my dear Fox Body Ford. I hope your German-bred Chrysler product does not have any of these problems.

Eibach makes two kits for your car: Spicy and Spicier. This is because the further you descend, the more heat you have to handle.

Lowering (or raising, for that matter) the springs changes the suspension geometry of any vehicle. Wheel alignment is mandatory and the LX forums seem to agree. if a firmer shock complements a lower and (usually) firmer spring. More aggressive setups generally require a matched set of shocks, unless you care about ride degradation.

Sometimes a full suspension kit will also include a sway bar upgrade, which could help with feel and understeer, but the reduced left-to-right suspension flex isn’t necessarily that great. . More jolts don’t translate to faster lap times – do your research thoroughly before you buy.

There’s also the matter of stock wheels: even the R/T can look a bit silly with boring undersides and stock wheels. A larger rim with a shorter sidewall is needed to “complete the look”. A different offset tire (see hyperlink above) can also help with the inevitable: expensive rubber bonding to metal body parts. And it brings me to the big problem with aftermarket reduction bits: driving style!

The more you have, the more you will avoid the punishment of potholes, sidewalk joints and puddles. If you live in a place with poor roads or flooding, you may want to reconsider. Because there is nothing worse than a sore back, a tired ass and a stalled engine if you treat a knocked down car like a normal car.

Bonuses! A nugget of wisdom from Piston Slap:

See the slippery slope here? What do you want exactly ? Looking down requires more parts than just springs to complete the look. It’s the position or the hellaflush look, and it’s not cheap. Go faster on the road and track? Gambling on the aftermarket may be overkill: I’d taste factory-funded engineering perfection via SRT springs, good-quality shocks (like Koni, Bilstein), and stickier tires on dick wheels. It won’t make you any cooler but you definitely will be.

[Image: Dodge/Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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