Piston Slap: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire?

car fire Krzysztof Smejlis, Shutterstock user

marshal writing :

Hi Sajeev,

This is the situation: I have an 08 Dodge Caravan, 117,000 KM (Canada), bought used with around 94,000 KM. It did us good… but I have a feeling in my stomach that doom is imminent for this truck. I keep it good, work it myself when I can. I notice more and more rust spots (under the body) and oil is leaking under the hood (oil level is good). It’s a basic SE, without power doors or a rear lift. The last time I did a brake job, a bolt broke due to corrosion.

We have 2 children and we love the storage space and such. I’m not stupid though, this truck is a handicap in my mind. I’m exaggerating?

You want to sell and buy a similar vintage Honda CR-V.

Sajeev answers:

Of course you are exaggerating, it is not a Mazda!

Your average 6 year old CR-V may have less rust than your truck. Or maybe what you’re seeing is a fact of life in places where there’s more salt on the roads than butter in Paula Deen’s kitchen.

Will a similar older Honda have less rust? · Can be. But more importantly, will this less rusty bodywork last long enough to justify the effort?

Specifically, the CR-V’s resale is stronger than any base model Mopar Van’s: This deal is going to screw you. Will you find a comparable CR-V for less than $1,000 more than the market value of your truck? Maybe, but all vehicles this age have problems (the leaks you mentioned are common) unless the last owner has done a ridiculous amount of preventative maintenance, with tons of paperwork as evidence.

That said, the bolts on any older vehicle get a lot nastier with the salt/rust of winter. AN now if you you didn’t douse the bolts in penetrating oil and carefully freed them with a lot of patience and a bit of tampering, well you’re partly to blame. It’s not hate: I’m the one who remembers the times I broke locks, blaming myself for missing the obvious.

So whatever it is…stay with the problems you know and get the wheels off the camper. Literally.

[Image: Shutterstock user Krzysztof Smejlis]

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