Piston Slap: A Tale of Collector Car Insurance

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James writing :

Are there good insurance options for old, low-value, non-collectible cars? I’m going to have a pretty good handful of antique plated vehicles over the next few years, and it seems silly to have regular insurance for things that can be driven once or twice a month, but ‘collectible’ car insurance is geared towards showing – Winning ’65 Mustangs and others.

Sajeev answers:

As much as I hate that image and the publicity stunt behind it, the point is proven: no one treats an antique like a late-model machine. Long story short, not all insurance plans are just for guys with 1969 Camaros, 1965 Mustangs, or even more valuable vintage machines. But you have to do your homework.

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I’ve discussed this before, and in the interest of not being a complete shill (again), I’ll just say that I left the big insurance company for that other group mentioned in the hyperlink.

My inconspicuous 1988 Mercury Cougar XR-7 was covered by the big insurance company, but I had to fight for it. I like to admit It’s really amazing how wrapped up we classic car guys are in our stupid machines, but I digress…

My non-Fox Mustang was deemed worthy after several quirks with their subscription service: pulling production numbers (much rarer than a ‘stang, especially the XR-7), photos, receipts (showing modification of the rest ) to show how in fact they can show that it is a true classic car. And they capitulated.

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When it came time to insure the TTAC Ford Sierra, I called the same great company and they were upset. Supposedly, the Sierra couldn’t even be imported into the United States, let alone insured! After telling them how to do their job (ie Google), I found a specialty store.

So I got a quote from this specific classic car company (first hyperlink) on the Cougar and Sierra. I found the process easier and a bit cheaper. All they wanted was photos, an explanation of the car’s mods/value/use, and they never mentioned that it wasn’t a Fox Body Mustang. The lady on the phone also complimented me on both cars, especially the brown Sierra that she had never seen before. Which was the complete opposite of “If I were a Mustang, sir!” insult I felt from the other place.

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The only problem: I don’t need the insurance policy yet. That’s when you really know when you have good insurance.

So for you, dear reader, I suggest you look at all the classic car insurers, ask your friends in the hobby, and get a quote from all of them. Maybe the price is right, maybe an agent is pushing all the right buttons, but it will be worth it in the end.

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