Piston Slap: A Frozen Expedition South of the Yukon’s Tundra?

Frozen in KC writing :

Veteran Reader, First Time Questioner Eddie Bauer 2005 Ford Expedition 4×4: My local Ford dealer says there is no block heater available to install on my Expedition. As you may know, it has been very cold in the Midwest lately and my Ford is in the driveway. I have a plug nearby and I wish I could start an engine that has already warmed up on those bitterly cold mornings, not only for my comfort but also for the longevity of the engine. I am quite skilled, but I am not an advanced mechanic.

Can the best and brightest be useful? Thank you!

Sajeev answers:

Just because a dealer can’t fit a genuine part doesn’t mean the aftermarket can’t hook you up. With something like this part.

So you can indeed fit a universal block heater on an Expedition 4×4, but is it worth it? Maybe not. Use synthetic oil for better subzero engine protection. Maybe put a remote start for your convenience. And since this is an Eddie Bauer, heated seats could also be up for grabs. Those three items are more than enough for most KC winters.

I mean, this expedition doesn’t cross the frozen tundra of the Yukon Territory. (childish laugh)

I can understand the luxury vs. necessity of having a block heater, so the question remains: is it worth it to you?

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