Persona 5 Strikers beginner’s guide: 10 tips for your first 10 hours


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person 5 striker performs gender reassignment. Instead of time management and turn-based combat striker takes some combat elements from Musou games like the Dynasty Warriors series or Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster.

striker It still retains the long Persona storyline and open time with friends, and ditches Dynasty Warriors’ quest formula for more traditional dungeons. It’s a great game and a great sequel people 5 fans.

Here are 10 things we learned from our first lessons person 5 striker that will help you on your journey through Japan.

Use your weapon to trigger a fight.

person 5 striker has an ambush system, similar to people 5. You’ll stun your enemies early in the fight if you can sneak behind them first, but the ambush system is harder to pull off. striker. If caught trying to ambush you, the enemy will stun you and your team.

If an enemy is too smart and you’re worried about being stunned, you can engage in combat by shooting someone. Hold down your weapon’s button like you would in combat, and lock onto the shadow you wish to fight. You won’t stun your enemy by starting the fight with a bullet, but you will avoid being stunned.

Talk to everyone and interact with everything.


You can walk around town and chat with your friends between dungeons.
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Whenever you have downtime person 5 strikerRun through Japanese cities, talk to people, interact with items and buy items.

When you accomplish an important story, like reaching a new town, unlocking a new prison, or defeating a prison, go around town and meet up with your friends. We get recipes, items and equipment from the Phantom Thieves simply by talking to them on the street.

The same idea applies to interacting with interesting statues or display cases. Sometimes you’ll get a dialogue when you interact with one of these items, which often gives you additional bonus XP to help you unlock abilities.

Buy new recipes and cook everything at least once.

Because you and the Phantom Thieves spend all your time on the streets person 5 strikerYou don’t have the luxury of dining in a cafe. Instead, you cook a lot in the mobile home.

The cooking system is very simple: acquire a recipe (by buying it, talking to a friend, or earning it through a side quest), then buy the ingredients you need from the store.

Cooking food gives you powerful items to use in prisons, but it can also give you Bond experience. Every time you cook a new dish for the first time, your friends will comment on how delicious it is and give you a bunch of bonus bonuses.

Cook everything at least once before cooking the things you really intend to use.

Save your Persona ability cards

When you open chests or complete certain requests (side quests), you will receive an ability card that you can use to teach one of your personas an ability. These abilities can be very powerful, but save them until you have a Persona that you want to keep for sure. You will probably use it later in the game.

However, you also want to save these maps for special merging needs. Once you receive requests, you will receive various quests to show Lavenza a specific persona with a specific ability. These can be a little daunting, and you’ll need to jump through a few hoops in the Fusion system to complete them. But on several occasions we’ve used one of these ability cards on the correct Persona and bypassed the fusion system entirely.

Invest in the Bondmaker ability

Bond’s skill tree is unlocked over time, and you can unlock many powerful passives to bolster the Phantom Thieves, such as: B. increased damage and lifesteal. You need to level up your Bond to get these upgrades, but you can’t grind Bond like a single character’s XP. Instead, you get it from requests and as the story progresses.

Invest in the Bondmaker ability as soon as possible. Bondmaker increases the amount of Bond XP you receive. Since Bond is relatively rare, the sooner you earn it, the better. Invest in Bondmaker and earn more skill points as you play person 5 striker.

Change your team regularly


You can always change who you control and switch party members when you’re not in combat.
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As expected, your characters level up as you fight person 5 striker. Also as in people 5, your allies gain more XP when they are in your active party. Swap out your teammates to keep them on par, and you can even out some difficulty spikes later in the game.

Each member of the Phantom Thieves brings something valuable to the team, so you’ll want to use each of them at different points in the game. Use Ryuji.

If you really want to be effective, spend enough time with each Phantom Thief in the early prisons to hone their individual mastercrafts – powerful upgrades for their combos that you unlock as you defeat enemies as a specific Phantom Thief. This will max out your entire roster for the final battles.

Combine your personas with each new city

What people 5, Joker can carry more than one Persona at a time. Joker’s wide variety of Personas makes him an extremely powerful tool for your party, which is good since he’s the only Phantom Thief you can’t remove from your active party. But Joker will be left behind if you don’t use Fusion. Combine a new roster and upgrade your personas at least once per prison, and more if you’re having a hard time.

Fusing Persona with Lavenza allows you to create high-level Personas with many elemental abilities that will help Joker remain a versatile member of your team.

buy everything you can


You can gather or cook in the camper.
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Before leaving your first city, the game will warn you that you cannot return. Before leaving, he visits all the shops in the area and buys back their wares.

Do you earn a lot of money person 5 striker, and while Phantom Thief gear is expensive, the items in stores aren’t expensive. Redeem inventory to ensure you get all the recipes and items you can get. Do not miss.

Don’t buy Sophie’s Phantom Thief gear until you know what party she wants to use for the prison. It’s rare that you’ll have enough cash to upgrade your entire team’s weapons and armor, so consider your gear for the next few hours, and then prioritize your gear first.

Use combos to save SP

Each Phantom Thief Persona has an associated elemental attack, such as B. Makoto’s Nuke Abilities. These powerful spells generally cost SP, and you’ll quickly run out of resources if you spam these attacks.

But every character person 5 striker He also has a number of combos, and at least one combo for each Phantom Thief contains a free version of his elemental spell.

In our experience, these free spells aren’t as powerful as summoning your Persona and casting. But if you’re running out of SP or worried about getting in front of a boss, using your combos is a great way to deal free damage and hit an enemy’s weakness.

Reset the dungeon if you have problems


You have to spend resources to restore health and SP, so it’s best to restart the dungeon when you’re near a checkpoint.
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SP flows in much faster person 5 striker from what he does people 5 (probably because you can cast magic for free as mentioned above). When you’re dealing with a particularly powerful mini-boss, or even a large group of enemies, you might feel a little drained.

The thing is, if you exit and return to the dungeon, your SP will be completely refilled. And because person 5 striker it has no element of time, so no game time passes when you exit and re-enter a dungeon; You can do this as many times as you like.

Exit the dungeon and return each time you reach a checkpoint. The only downside to this is the time you spend staring at the loading screens, so it’s worth doing this as often as possible.

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