Persona 5 guide: The end of May (before Madarame’s Palace)


As in the first delay period, you will have a lot of free time in the next few days of May. There are a variety of things you can do to prepare for the upcoming palace. It sounds like a lot, but make sure you make the most of it. Also, allow at least six to eight days to visit the museum, as you’ll need to spend a full day outside the palace to break down the barrier.

There are many things to keep you busy and ready for Madarame’s Palace:

  • Go to the Untouchable Velvet Room. Accept Justine and Caroline’s quest for a specific Persona and try to complete it (you might be able to merge yours on the spot). This will grant you a new familiar, Strength. While you’re here, play around a bit and try to create more powerful personas for the palace.
  • Buy more powerful weapons for your teammates in Untouchable. You must have enough cash on hand.
  • go to work If you have a day job, you should also apply for a night job. The Beef Bowl Shop pays very well and increases your skills as you work.
  • Go out with your confidants. Sojiro and Takemi are great for external bonuses. Mishima grants you additional Combat XP as well as a boost to Moon Persona fusions as you build your relationship (hang out on Central Street). Ryuji and Ann give you additional advantages in battle. However, Ann has one requirement, her kindness must be level 2. So …
  • Work on your stats! An easy way to increase knowledge in particular is to answer school questions these days with: “together/meaning,” “Arsène Lupin, robber baron,” “William Kid.
  • Process further requests. After reading Last Memories on 18.5. completed, you can start researching the Bully Boss. Mishima will tell you to look around the school. Go to the school gate and overhear a conversation between two boys. Now that you have the name, go to Mementos to take out Shadow Sakoda. He has crossed the safe zone and is tougher than other Mementos bosses. It uses ice, so make sure you use a Null Persona on this item. It’s also very useful to have skills like Ice Wall, which can prevent Ann (who is weak to Ice) from being knocked down. Soften, heal, attack and will eventually bring him down.
  • On May 28th, Ryuji asks to take a break and go to the cinema the next day. Take up his offer this evening to make massive gains from your relationship.

Once you feel ready, head to Madarame Palace.

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