Persona 5 guide: 6/15 Wednesday walkthrough

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Answer today’s question in class “change colorYou are now on a mission, so go to Ann in front of the class and listen to her talk. You will learn that a boy named Nishiyama is involved. Go out into the hallway and ask Mishima about Nishiyama. As expected, it will prove useless, so ask the reporter down the hall.


Now go to the third floor library and face Nishiyama standing at the back of the room.


When speaking to Morgana about ongoing illegal activities, tell her “drugsAfter talking in the library, go back to your classroom and talk to Ann. You will now secure your objective in the stairwell. He will tell you about his operations. You’re done for the day, so go home. and call Kawakami in the phone booth.

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