Persona 5 guide: 4/14 walkthrough


April 14th is another fairly short day. Once at school, you and Ryuji will face a cat. A cat that can speak. Yes, Morgana traveled to the real world to teach you how to solve your problems. Talk to him and Ryuji for a while before it’s time to go home. Today there is no return to coffee. You have to take the train like everyone else.

Go to Shujin train station. (You can get there by simply turning right from the school stairs). Take the big yellow train back to your transfer point. When you get off the train, go downstairs and meet up with Ann. After you listen to it, it will run away from you. Follow her up the stairs to the right, down the stairs to the left, and then find her near a green pillar.

Be kind and compassionate to her and listen to all her problems. You’ll get a bit more anime here, and the stakes are raised for the story. Once you’ve helped Ann feel a little better, it’s time to go home and get some sleep.

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