Persona 5 guide: 4/11 walkthrough


It’s the longest and busiest day yet. Once you regain control, go downstairs and talk to Sojiro, who will offer you a delicious curry for breakfast. Eat the food and go out the door. Go down the alley and head towards the train station. Get on the train and wait until you regain control.

Take the train to Ginza

Once you jump off the train you have to change trains, which can actually be a little more confusing than in real life. You’re looking for the Ginza line, which is yellow and sometimes marked with the number 8. Follow the signs to Ginza and eventually you should go up a few steps and reach the station square.

Look the other way and enter the building with the big white letters that say “Teikyo”. Go up the stairs and enter the Ginza line platform. Board the big yellow train and go to the next station. Go outside where you will see another cutscene.

Ryjoi, a school and a dungeon

This is where you’ll meet Ryoji, known as “Urban Boy,” for most of the day. The two embark on an adventure to get to class on time, only to discover their school is actually just a spooky castle. Strange.

You will find yourself locked in a dungeon once you regain control. Run around your cell and examine the objects. Eventually a guard will come to warn you that you will be executed soon. Observe the scene and discover your persona.

You are now in a fight with two incendiaries inhabiting the crypt. Use your talent to attack them. This fight is mainly used as a tutorial, so follow the instructions for the first enemy and then repeat the process for the second.

Escape the dungeon, meet Morgana and keep fighting.

Once the battle is over, you must escape this literal dungeon. Walk along the river until you reach the gate. After realizing it’s closed, jump across the river to the right. Keep going until you see another point where you can cross the gap. Find the open cell and crawl through the hole in the wall.

Now cross the bridge until Ryoji tells you to hide behind a crate. When the guards are no longer a problem, find some stairs and follow them. Now is the time to meet morgan, the kitten who yells at you from his cell. Talk to him, let him out and pull the statue’s jaw.

Follow Morgana across the newly lowered bridge and you’ll find yourself in another fight, this time against a crypt-dwelling arsonist and a bedside thug. Take them out with the help of Morgana who is very powerful. Morgana will then give you some healing items before proceeding. Use them if you must because you still have a fight ahead of you.

Go up the stairs to the dungeon exit and fight two attractive girls (be sure to experiment with your skills to find their weaknesses). Eventually, escape the dungeon through the ventilation shaft.

back to the real world

She and Ryoji will meet in the real world and get in trouble with the law. Speak to the police, then to the school officials before finally getting a chance to wander the busy halls of your new academy.

You have to meet your master in the workroom, so go up the stairs and to the second floor. You can take the first or second door on the left to trigger a cutscene. The day is almost over, but first you need to introduce yourself to the class and have a few more conversations.

After school, go to the third floor and find the stairs that lead to the roof. (If you use the ladder closest to the classroom, you should be able to climb onto the roof using the same ladder.) Talk to Ryoji about how great you two are together, then go home. Plot! what a long day It’s time to go to bed and have another weird conversation igor.

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