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“PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol will be there twice”… If you have a dog-loving child in your life, you will no doubt be familiar with this text. They come from the theme song of the hit series Nick Jr. patrol paw! Loved by Canadian kids from coast to coast, PAW Patrol follows tech-savvy Ryder and his team of brave rescue dogs as they train. Out of miniatures to the birthday parties, PAW Patrol characters are everywhere. The PAW Patrol characters are so popular that they have become inspiration for new puppy names. Chase, Skye and Marshall are just a few of the PAW Patrol names topping the charts, according to data compiled by Homeless, the largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers.

If you are an adult who has no idea what these dogs are, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of PAW Patrol character names AND how they stack up against Canada’s Greatest. List of dog names. Whether your pup is Rubble or Rocky, you’re sure to find the perfect name here.

Popular Paw Patrol names

Names followed by an asterisk were among the top 1,000 names according to them by Rover The data.

  • Hunt*: german shepherd police dog
  • marshal*: the Dalmatian fire dog
  • Rocky*: a gray and white mixed breed puppy
  • Heaven*: a soaring Cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix)
  • Everest: Siberian husky snow dog
  • Zuma: the water-loving chocolate lab
  • Debris: the faithful little english bulldog
  • tracker: a bilingual Spanish-English brown and white Chihuahua

More PAW Patrol Character Names

  • Mayor Gutweg: dramatic, funny, but very loyal to the puppies
  • Chickaletta: of course the mayor’s favorite chicken
  • My sweetheart: The evil! It belongs to the Princess of Barkingburg, and she’s up to something bad.
  • Sid Swordsman: a greedy pirate
  • arby: Sid’s dachshund pal
  • ryder: the 10-year-old boy who takes care of the dogs
  • Captain Turbot: Marine Biologist and Warden of Adventure Bay
  • Katie: a girl Ryder’s age who runs the vet clinic
  • Wally: the captain’s pet walrus
  • Francisco: Cap’n Turbot’s flashy cousin with a heavy French accent
  • James: Everest caretakers and ski resort owners
  • Yumi farmer Y farmer to
  • The Kitten Disaster Crew– The cat versions of the PAW Patrol, these kittens work for neighboring Mayor Humdinger.

Tips for naming a puppy

If your little ones insist on honoring their Paw Patrol favorites, get ready to welcome a Chase or a Marshall into your family. But if you’re still unsure, you’re not alone. A great name can come from so many sources inspiration. Celebrities, sports, favorite foods, or even traditional human names. The history of the dog breed can also provide inspiration. Think of an English bulldog puppy named Churchill or a Frenchie named Chloe. Your favorite PAW Patrollers could provide your pup’s name, but with a twist. Marsha instead of Marshall, for example. The possibilities are limitless.

Whatever name you choose, make sure it fits your dog and rolls off their tongue. Choose a name that you enjoy saying because you will repeat it often. We love the “backdoor test” to see what works. It’s exactly what it sounds like: stand in the doorway and call out your potential pup’s name. Hearing “Ryder, come” or “Tracker, try” makes the name disappear from the TV screen and become reality.

Food to go

From Adventure Bay to your own backyard, the PAW Patrol may not save the day, but it can give you a head start in your search for the perfect puppy name. Take a look at our other big name ideas. Our fascination with fur-friendly names knows no bounds and over the years we’ve collected many. men or then Female, branch or then justWe have what you need.

I’m not sure yet? We have everything romantic inspiration for Irish influencesthe perfect nicknames for white dogs or then black dogs Y proper names of small dogs. We even have awesome dog handles. The lists go on and on…

But wait! there is more

PAW Patrol obviously isn’t the first TV show to feature dogs, and we’re sure it won’t be the last. Discover cartoons, live-action series and even documentaries introduce dogs. Who knows? You might find exactly the name you’re looking for. The “Skye” is the limit!

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