Paper Plate Flowers

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You will find a lot of fun. paper plate flower crafts here – for all ages and abilities!

While spring is the best time to make floral designs, this is a great project year-round, especially in winter when you want to brighten up the room!


1. Why not try weaving flowers out of paper plates? Simple and fun

2. Would you like to make a cute colorful flower and practice scissors at the same time? Then this paper plate craft is for you! smart tomorrow

3. This project will amaze kids and adults alike because these paper flowers are really beautiful! chiffon and merlot

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4. Roses are one of my favorite flowers so you know why I love this craft project. Activity blog for kids

5. If you have a young child at home, you probably need an easier project, and this super easy paper plate craft is just what you need! happy hooligans


6. But why stick to one material when two are twice the fun? Add tissue paper and you have a paper flower that’s twice as pretty! smart tomorrow

7. And here’s another paper plate version of roses! Danya Banya

8. How about a poppy or two? Children who laugh learn

9. Sunflowers are another one of my favorites, we have so many in the garden every year! While waiting for them to bloom, we can make paper sunflowers!

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10. Or just create a flower garden out of paper plates! significant mother


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