Paper Plate Fish Craft – Rainbow Paper Circles

Today we have an amazing craft featuring a fish on a paper plate in all the colors of the rainbow to share with you. Well, almost any color.

It’s so much fun to make yourself that the paper circles used almost look like real fish scales… in a cartoonish way.

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I was a huge rainbow fish fan, and while we didn’t really plan on making it a rainbow (it would have glowing scales if we wanted, hint), I still think this would work great as an act. this book.

In the past we’ve shared a paper plate fish craft (and a few other fish craft ideas) but it wasn’t as colorful as this one… In fact it was pretty boring so we thought it was time to try it, get this one project a new look.

This particular craft requires a lot of die-cut paper, which is usually exciting for young children (especially preschoolers and kindergarteners).

You can adjust the difficulty of this craft to the skill level of the kids who will be doing it: the smaller the kids, the bigger the mallet should be. Older kids will have no problem working with smaller circles and the end result will be even cooler.

Paper plate fish crafts

Ready to try this rainbow fish?

What do you need:

  • large paper plate
  • Blue colour
  • scissors
  • colored paper (print paper works well)
  • circle punch
  • the glue
  • black maker
  • White paper
  • blue construction paper

We both have video tutorials to watch.

And the step-by-step guide you can follow

Dye the paper plate blue (or any other color you like) and let the paint dry completely.

Cut a small triangle (pie piece) out of the paper plate. This will make the fish’s mouth (and the extra piece will be used for the tail).


Glue the triangle to the paper plate.

You can also do this at the end. No special command is required.


Punch a circle in white paper. Draw a circle inside this circle with a black marker. Look, you just checked.

Glue the eye to the paper plate over the mouth.


Now take all your colored paper (the more colors the better) and start punching.

If a glossy paper finds its way into your stack of perforated paper, all the better.

Slap, slap, slap. You will need many circles of paper.


Fold all circles in half. Squeeze well so they’re more closed than usual.

Start gluing them in rows onto the paper tab.

We’ll start at the head and work our way down to the tail.


Cut flaps out of blue construction paper (or other paper).

Glue them to the fish paper plate.


You yourself have a beautiful paper plate with a rainbow fish on it.



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