Paper Plate Crafts

We love paper plate crafts for kids! There’s nothing like frugal crafting and we can all agree that paper plate crafting fits the description. And there are so many fun things you can create with a little paint and some clippings.

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Our collection of paper plate crafts is growing fast (check back as we’re adding new ones often). We love the versatility of this craft material as you can adapt it to any age group – pretty easy ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and even older kids.

We have a paper plate project for every season and most holidays, so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect idea to make with your kids at home or in the classroom.

Some of our latest paper plate craft ideas

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Cool paper plate activities to do all year round

We especially love making fun animals (we even have an article on making paper plate animals), you can make them all year round, although some are better suited to some seasons than others.

crocodile or caiman

Crocodile Craft Paper Plates

This paper plate croc is one of our silliest (and most popular) projects we’ve ever made, and it’s definitely one that will keep the kids entertained.

Perfect for older children who already have a good grasp of scissors.

Spinning fox

Crafts for children paper plates fox

Not only is it fun to make our Spinning Fox, but so much fun watching it spin and spin in the air.

monkey time

Monkey Paper Plate CraftThis paper plate monkey is ready for monkey business. Trace the little hands and use them as monkey feet and hands. Perfect for a jungle theme.

Perfect fish for kindergarten.

Paper plate fish crafts for kids

Rainbow fish or regular fish, this paper plate activity is great for fine motor skills. Not to mention that kids will love playing with these hoops.


Colorful Paper Plate Owl Crafts

Your little ones can also punch and glue paper circles with this owl paper plate craft. Sounds fun to you? Absolutely!

I scream for ice cream

Cute Paper Plate Ice Cream CraftsIce making is fun all year round (but more fun in the summer). There are so many ways to decorate them, pom poms, tissue paper, sequins and more!


Rain Cloud Paper Crafts

Make a rain cloud, a snowy day, sunshine… So many choices!


Handmade paper plate umbrella for kids

If you make weather crafts, the umbrella paper plate project is also a must. After all, you need something to protect you from raindrops.

Everyone needs a rainbow.

Rainbow craft paper plates for kidsIt’s a wonderful rainbow craft and also helps with color sorting. You can easily replace the buttons with tissue paper, torn paper, pompoms, or any other economical material.


Paper plate crafts for kids - turtle

The paper plates are crying out to be turned into turtles. You can decorate the shell with markers or use torn paper depending on the ages of the children, which will make this activity easier. Preschoolers will love making it out of torn paper, while older kids decorate the details themselves. Celui-ci peut être facilement modifié pour faire avec les tout-petits aussi, les assiettes en papier peuvent être decorées avec des marqueurs do a dot ou en les peignant avec leurs doigts – un joli art et artisanat avec des assiettes en papier n’est -It is not ?


Black cat paper plate craft idea for kids

Two paper plates make a funny cat. We made this craft tutorial for Halloween, but cats are fun year-round. You don’t have to stick to black either, there are all sorts of wonderful kitty color combinations.

rabbit but

Bunny But paper plate crafts for kids

Next in our selection of paper plate crafts is this cool looking bunny but a paper plate craft. This is incredibly easy and quick to make, making it a perfect project for kids of all ages. Kindergarten and preschoolers can do this on their own, but if you’re working with a small child, you’ll need to cut off their feet. Another very low level prep activity to do with your kids or class.

Sheep: A wonderful sensory paper plate craft for preschoolers

Cute Sheep Paper Plate CraftMaking a paper plate out of cotton balls is fun! As a economical but less fluffy alternative, these paper plate crafts can also be made from die-cut paper circles or by crumpling and gluing tissue paper.

I heart a heart

Cute Heart Paper Plate Craft

What we love most about this paper plate heart craft is that it focuses on fine motor skills. Not only will your little ones cut and drill holes with a hole punch, thread cutting is also popular.

busy bee

paper plate bee craftDo you like a busy bee craft? We also have one made using paper plate crafts.

blinking penguins

Cute paper plate penguin craftsThese wobbly paper plate penguins are adorable. Make them, slide them and watch them jiggle.

to build a snowman

Snowman Paper Plates

It doesn’t have to be winter to make a paper plate snowman. There are many interesting ways to decorate this.

Crafts with paper plates with hedgehogs for children

Hedgehog Paper Plate CraftMake a paper plate hedgehog, this one is great for fall when you can make leaf crafts, but replace the leaves with triangles cut out of paper (or any other material you can think of) and you can do this fun project all year round make long . round.


Crafts with paper plates - octopus

Dive into the sea with this fun paper octopus! You can make your tentacles out of paper like we did or use any other material like tape, pipe cleaners (for very, very few tentacles)…


Paper Plate Turkey Crafts with Leaves

Paper plate turkey crafts are best for fall, but this animal is super easy to make any time of year: substitute fake leaves for real leaves or use paper tails.

Kittens circleCat Paper Plate Craft

We love our spiral paper plate creations, including this kitten. Not only is it super easy and quick to make, but it will also make the most beautiful decoration for your home or classroom. Let the kids color them in their favorite cat colors because they will put on quite a show.


Peacock Paper Plate CraftMake a peacock out of paper! This one is really cool the way it is, it wins like a real peacock.


Ghost Paper Plate CraftCreating a spirit that twirls in the air is the only natural thing. This paper plate activity is great for practicing with scissors, and since the paper plates don’t need to be painted, it’s incredibly quick to make too!

Watermelon on a paper plate activity

Paper plate crafts for kids - watermelonA wonderful paper plate fruit craft to make with the kids. This one can also be used as a toy as it opens nicely to reveal the watermelon inside. You can customize these to make many different types of fruit.

Do other fish

Cupcake pan with paper plates and fishThis paper plate fish craft combines two popular craft materials, paper plates and muffin cups. Fun!

make flowers

Woven paper plates with flowersAnother fun paper plate activity for kids is making flowers.

cute paper plate crafts for kids

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