Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

Do you want to throw parties, plan activities and need ideas for Christmas crafts with paper plates? We have a happy group here.

From Santa Claus to beautiful Christmas trees, you’ll find more projects than you’ll ever need.


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From super easy crafts for toddlers to those that focus on fine motor skills that are best for preschoolers, to paper plate Christmas crafts for preschoolers and older kids.

Ready to craft? Check out these paper plate Christmas crafts!

Make Christmas tree paper plates

We love making Christmas trees using paper plates to put on the table or hang from the ceiling, these economical trees will delight little hands.

For starters we have our cone shaped trees, with a little help they are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Let the children paint, make the cone and decorate the trees in an age-appropriate way.
*For young children, this can be torn tissue paper and large pompoms that can be easily dipped in glue and glued to the tree, while older children can handle smaller decorations (small pompoms, gems, yarn…).

Check out how we made these paper plate Christmas trees here.

Another wonderful Christmas craft using paper plates.

This will be the most beautiful decoration a child has made! You can make the decorations yourself or print out our template.

*Find out how we made ours and grab the template

All we know is that this spinning tree will look amazing if you add glitter to the ornaments.

Santa Claus Paper Plates

We love making Santa Claus out of paper plates! It doesn’t get any more festive than that, does it?

*See how we made this Santa Claus paper plate here.

Or maybe he can? How about these fun Santa hats with paper plates?

*Rudolf the reindeer

As you already know, the possibilities for paper plate crafts are endless!

*You can create any animal in the animal kingdom, and reindeer are no exception.

To make a Christmas version, don’t forget to add a red nose to your reindeer paper plate.

shiny snowman

*When you think of Christmas characters, snowmen also tend to sneak up on you (as well as funny penguins, we’ll get to that in a moment).

This glittery snowman paper plate is perfect for Christmas as it adds to the magic of Christmas with its sparkles.

the wobbly penguins

*See how to make these rocking penguins here



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