Paper Heart Flower Craft with Template

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We have another wonderful heart and flower craft to share with you! This paper heart flower craft is perfect for both Mother’s Day (a great alternative to the usual Mother’s Day card) and Mother’s Day.

It’s also a great craft idea for kids to decorate any other day of the year that they just want to spread a little love!


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We love it when an idea inspires a new idea, just like you loved the Heart Notebook DIY so much that we decided to make a “spin off” if you like.

After thinking about it a little, an idea of ​​flower crafts in the shape of a heart came to my mind. Pretty funny! Designing this one was very easy since we already have the DIY Heart Craft notebook, but there was a “problem”.

Once the flower was finished and folded, it looked cute, but when you first opened it, it didn’t spring back into its heart-shaped position as well as I had hoped. But no fear! Bees to the rescue!

So I also designed a bee that when attached to a clip or mini clothespin holds everything together nicely (and adds to the overall cuteness of the project).

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The bee craft template can also be printed out, but of course we love it even more when the children design it themselves.

Are you ready to make your own paper heart flower craft? let’s make one!


paper heart flower craft

What do you need:

  • Paper Heart Flower Craft Template (You can find it at the end of this tutorial)
  • a sheet of white paper if the children want to create their own flowers, or colored paper (red, pink, orange, etc.)
  • green sheet of paper
  • yellow sheet of paper (optional)
  • Green paper straws
  • Bee coloring marker
  • Clips or mini clothespins
  • scotch tape
  • scissors
  • the glue

Optional: other color media – we use ink

Watch the instructional video for making paper flowers and hearts

Or follow this step-by-step guide

Print out the flower template (you will receive it at the end of this tutorial)

You can print the template on white paper and let the kids decorate it however they like, or you can print it on colored paper.

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We used regular printing paper to make this craft.

Cut out the shape of the flower.


This step is optional, but we think it’ll be really cute!

Cut a circle out of yellow paper and glue it onto the flower shape.


Write your message (perfect if you want it to be a card).


Now fold the flower shape as shown in the image below. Unpacking.


Fold again at right angles to the first crease (as shown in the photo). Unpacking.


Fold again, this time at a 45 degree angle to one of the previous folds (between the first two folds) as shown in the image below.


The next step is a bit tricky if you are doing it for the first time. But once you manage to create one, you’ll see that it’s really easy! I recommend watching the video for this step instead.

You should press the last fold into the flower shape.


Start on one side and then press on the other as well.


You should see a heart shape.


Coloriez l’abeille et découpez-la (if you printed on the white sheet of paper you may have the more colored l’abeille found on this letter, but there is already a separate sheet with the shades of blue that you can put on that can print white paper, white).

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Stick it on a clothespin or attach it to a clip.


Keep it in the shape of a heart.


Take a green paper straw and glue it to the back of the heart flower; two rows prevent the straw from shifting.


Cut out a sheet of green paper and glue it onto the paper heart flower craft.


Complete! Your paper heart flower craft is ready to gift to someone special! If you don’t want to make a bouquet, go back to crafting, let’s do it!



Get the paper heart flower craft template here

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