Painted Rock Bugs

Today we’re turning ordinary rocks into adorable painted rock bugs! Stone crafts can be so much fun, take an ordinary rock you picked up on your nature walk (or the dollar store) and turn it into something adorable.


Even if you’re not a fan of bugs, these little critters are a lot of fun, right?


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painted rock bugs

What do you need


Wash and dry the stones first to remove dirt and dust. Now paint like crazy!

We first colored them with chalk markers – they are easy to draw on and the colors are very vivid (if you display your stones outdoors you will need to protect them with varnish or Mod Podge to make them waterproof).

First we made a layer of paint, let it dry completely, then we drew other colored details.


After all the colors have dried, color the head with black paint. Let dry. Draw the eyes with a white chalk marker and let them dry.

Using a black marker, draw a line on the beetle’s back and draw two black dots for the eyes.


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