Pagani Huayra Roadster review


As it is inside?

A convertible car should have an interior that you are proud to show off. Mission well accomplished here. This is possibly the most spectacular car cabin in history.

The doors, now open conventionally on forward-mounted hinges, swing open surprisingly lightly, and you step over a solid carbon sill, descending into the comfortable centralized cockpit. There’s very little space between the two skinny seats, just enough for a few carbon-lidded storage compartments and a USB socket inside, which will practically swallow a smartphone. Most of the seats have a race car feel: more McLaren 720S/Ford GT than, say, Lamborghini Aventador or Porsche 918. The legs are shallow, the seats supportive, and surprisingly comfortable considering they barely have any slips on the seats. carbon and leather. That weird lemon squeezer centerpiece between your legs is the height adjustment knob. There’s not a lot of headroom with the lightweight roof panel in place, so it’s best to leave the saddle low.

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All the main furnishings are familiar from the Huayra hardtop, but no less impressive in 2019 than when we first saw it seven years ago. The mechanized instruments are similarly unreadable (it will largely depend on the digital speedometer between clocks), the 67-piece gear selector remains the most tactile pleasure in any car, and the climate control shift switch and steering wheel buttons they are as nice to look at as they are uncomfortable to wear. Clickable dials on the steering wheel for lights and drive modes (Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race, ESC off) are much more rewarding to turn.

There is no plastic. Everything is titanium, leather and carbon. Every switch and knob has the feedback and solidity of a military-grade musical instrument. And Pagani’s attention to detail isn’t just obsessed with hardware. The touch screen, with Apple CarPlay, is sharper, faster and easier than many traditional manufacturers.

Seriously, there are only a few hundred Huayras in the world, and yet Pagani has shelled out a better touchscreen than giants like Renault, Nissan, Honda, Jaguar and Peugeot can do. The hi-fi is also sensational. Old Paganis had notoriously poor radio reception, but the Huayra seems to have definitely figured that out.

Like I said, you can settle into a strangely duty-free cruise in this crazy car, in part because the driving position is perfect, a la McLaren. The pedals allow for left-foot braking, the steering wheel slides miles off the dash to fit your reach, and it brings the instrument binnacle with it so the rim never blocks the readouts. And it’s a good convertible, too. For all senses of the occasion, it would be a spectacular own goal if the wind whipped through the cockpit every time the car went over 17 mph. Fortunately, the aerodynamics have been cleverly saved, so it’s possible to converse at A-road speeds, and maybe a little faster, ahem, with the skies invited.

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The roof needs two clips to break off and a tab to push on before it goes up. It weighs nothing, but watch out for a gust of breeze blowing the clean section of carbon and glass off your buttery fingers like a ship’s sail in the wind. Oh!

Your butler will have to stow the roof of your Rolls-Royce and follow you as you pass. There is no where to store it in the Huayra. Supercars are impractical. Who knows?

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