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Since monitoringIn May 2016, Blizzard added two new heroes: Ana the support sniper and Sombra the hacker. Blizzard just introduced Orisa, the first new tank in the game. monitoring list.

Orisa is a robot centaur thing with a confident personality. He focuses on buffing his teammates, protecting them from damage, and driving enemies away. So basically everything you could wish for in a good tank. Orisa doesn’t necessarily bring something unique to a team, but she does bring a little bit of everything.

Let’s talk about what she can do.

The Team (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Fusion Pilot (Left Click, Right Trigger, R2)

Orisa’s main weapon is a machine gun instead of her right arm. It can fire very quickly and has a large clip. However, when Orisa fires her Fusion Driver, her movement slows slightly.

For those familiar with D.Va’s main weapon, Orisa should feel fairly familiar. The big difference here is that Orisa fires faster and is much more accurate than D.Va. Its cannon also does quite a bit of damage, especially for a tank.

Fusion Driver can fire for a while without reloading. However, it’s important for players to remember that they will slow you down as you shoot. While not fully noticeable, players who hold it down while charging or retreating will be left behind by their teammates. The key is to use it in short bursts while moving and on full auto during a team fight or when holding a point.

Fortify (Shift, Left Bumper, L1)

Essentially a personal shield for Orisa, Fortify is one of two abilities (along with her main attack) that aren’t meant to help her team. At first glance, buff isn’t Orisa’s most interesting ability, but it has many uses.

When using Amplify, Orisa takes reduced damage from all sources for a short time and becomes immobile, meaning abilities that would impede her movement don’t affect her.

Using Fortify saves you from a barrage of enemy fire, and can turn the tide of battle when used to negate movement-affecting abilities (often referred to as CC). Imagine a situation where an enemy like Reinhardt pulls off a great ult that knocks down everyone on your team, but you manage to reinforce. You could save your team from total destruction by drawing enemy fire or using your other skills to protect your friends.

However, Fortify has a high skill requirement. In addition to being able to draw quickly, you also need to be able to predict your enemies’ movements in order to have time to activate the ability.

Shut down (right click, left trigger, L2)

Orisa fires a ball of fast energy aimed at nearby enemies, connecting in a line as long as the ball and target stay close. Press the button again to detonate the ability, pulling all attached enemies to the detonation point and slowing them down.

This is by far Orisa’s most complicated and powerful ability. It’s basically a miniature version of Zarya’s Ultimate Graviton Surge. This ability can completely move an entire team if given the chance. A well-placed hold could knock the enemy team into an already-placed Graviton Surge or off a cliff. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Although the cooldown is long, the power it contains seems utterly ridiculous, even overwhelming. Playing against Orisa forces the opposing team to consider how close they are in order to prevent something completely catastrophic from happening. Stop is one of those character defining skills monitoringand that’s part of what makes Orisa so strong.

Protective barrier (E, right bumper, R1)

Orisa fires a miniature shield generator that places a curved barrier at her landing position. This protective barrier absorbs incoming enemy fire and allows allies to fire through.

The protective barrier is a big part of what makes Orisa a very team-oriented tank. The shield itself is fixed, making it more similar to Winston’s shield than Reinhardt’s, meaning it’s not very useful when out and about. So make sure you put this ability on something that moves with your team (e.g. Charge), or save it for team fights when forward movement is limited.

Compressor (Q, Y, Triangle)

Orisa places a device on the floor in front of her. This supercharger device blocks all allies it can see and boosts their damage for a short time.

The latter is strong in teamfights and fairly weak in small skirmishes. Save Superchargers for the perfect time when you have the most teammates to help and the most enemies to shoot.

The Supercharger doesn’t get any less powerful as it helps more allies, so there’s no point in using it if it’s just you (or you and another teammate). You should also consider how many enemies you shoot. If you are in a battle with only two or three opponents, you should wait before using Supercharger. But in the right situation, you can overwhelm the opposing team with this ultimate.

When attempting to capture a capture point or traverse a choke point in Payload, a fast Supercharger will give your team an edge. You can also combine it very well with other ultimates. Zarya and Reinhardt’s ultimates are great for taking out the enemy team, giving your allies plenty of time to damage enemies. Placing an ÜberCharge at this point could allow for a perfect team kill.

The Supercharger key, like so many others monitoring ultimate – is able to spot the perfect moment to use it. Be conservative without being stingy. Be patient and attentive.


Relay a message

The beauty of Orisa is that she goes with almost any outfit you can think of.

However, it’s most effective on maps that don’t require a lot of movement. Many of his abilities have to do with creating a good moment, holding a point, or chasing down enemies with one. Mobility is not his forte, so he likes to push and defend slowly.


Pairing him with more mobile tanks like D.Va and Winson can alleviate some of his mobility issues. Note that she may not be able to protect any of them as effectively as Zarya or even Reinhardt, who has his own unique way of fighting quickly.

Ideally, you want Orisa on a team with Roadhog, Zarya, or Reinhardt. These tanks are great at slowly pushing the enemy back, and Orisa has the perfect tools to help them out.

When it comes to defense, Orisa actually makes a great pairing with either Bastion or Widomaker. His slow nature allows him to knock back enemies with hold or drop a shield for them to get behind.

When it comes to offensive allies, Soldier 76 should be Orisa’s best friend since he can make the most of almost all of her abilities.

When pairing Support with Orisa, look for Zenyatta or Lucio. Everyone’s Ultimates can provide a lot of security for a team when using Superchargers outdoors. For Orisa in particular, the extra damage Orb of Discord targets take should make her limited offensive abilities shine. The speed boost provided by Lucio will also alleviate much of his immobility.


Of course, Orisa will have trouble with targets that can move quickly. Genji, Reaper, Tracer and Pharah will be tough fighters for this robot centaur.

Orisa’s shield only covers one direction and isn’t very wide, meaning enemies can dodge it fairly easily. The harder it is to hit an enemy, the more useless Superchargers and Halt are. When facing these enemies, having an ally like McCree, Mei, or Roadhog to line them up is crucial.

Junkrat is also tough on Orisa as he can throw grenades at her shield and she is a great target for RIP Tire. Aside from that, Orisa’s fortification actually makes her immune to many of the other defense heroes’ abilities.

Reservoirs, on the other hand, can be problematic. Winston is the main culprit here as his mobility makes him difficult to keep away. On the support front, Symmetra is really the only one to worry about, with her Whip of Doom (Photon Projector) and turrets that can slice through slow-moving characters like Orisa. However, Zenyatta and Lucio can effectively counter Supercharger with their ultimates.


put everything together

Although it can be a bit disturbing to see At sight As this spinoff’s third new hero, it’s hard to overlook just how cool Orisa is. It has tools for almost every situation and looks so unique. Orisa has one of those Reinhardt-esque kits: she’s so stacked that it’s hard to see a situation where she can’t be picked. It is the Swiss army knife monitoring Hero.

Orisa should find out pretty quickly. It feels familiar and strong even before you get the hang of it. However, the real key to Orisa’s big win lies in Halt. This ability has a lot of potential, so get busy with it quickly.

Orisa really seems to be one of those characters that is easy to learn but will take a long time to really master. That’s a pretty good indicator of a really solid hero design.

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