Outriders guide: How to farm Legendary weapons and armor


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Once you reach the end of the game equestrian – After completing the campaign, you must find a variety of different legendary items to create powerful builds. Legendary weapons and armor are rare drops, even at higher challenge levels in Expeditions. But there are two guaranteed ways to get drops: hunts Y Searched assignments

In this equestrian Guide we explain how to farm hunts and wanted quests for legendary weapons, armor and mods.

How to get Legendaries from hunts or wanted quests


Noah Dembele lurks behind the bar giving you your hunting orders
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You will find yourself in Trench Town just a few hours after the start of your journey equestrian Trip. This becomes the hub for two different types of side quests: Hunt and Wanted quests. In both types of missions you will face a powerful enemy boss. The main difference is that the hunt missions have you fighting beasts while the search missions focus on human combat.

Once you have spoken to the NPC in charge of each type of quest equestrian, a bullseye and claw icon will appear in various areas of the map. Traveling to these areas you can pick up a poster from the wall to start a capture mission or examine a decaying corpse to continue the hunt. There are 10 of each mission type, all in their own areas.

You will receive a variety of gear to complete each of these missions. But if you complete all 10 Hunt or Wanted missions, you’re guaranteed to get a legendary item. Completing all hunts will give you legendary armor, and all retrieval missions will give you legendary weapon. Collect as many of these powerful items as you can, as you’ll get their unique mods every time you disassemble them to craft.

Once you have completed all 10 quests, you can revisit the respective NPC, turn in their legendary quests, and reset the quest line. This allows you to replay any Hunt and Wanted mission. And when you complete all of them, you will get another Legendary.

How to get Legendaries fast


Some areas of the map only have hunts, others only wanted quests, and some have both.
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This method of raising Legendaries is tedious but rewarding. Before you embark on a journey, you should ask yourself why you want to cultivate. Looking for legendary armor? Or do you want guns? Do you want to kill two birds with one stone and try to get both at the same time? Completing all of these hunt or search quests takes time, and completing both takes twice as long as just one: 20 quests instead of just 10.

Once you’ve decided whether to farm armor, weapons, or both, head to the bar in Trench Town. The menu just says bar and there is a ‘lounge’ sign outside the door.

Talk to Noah Dembele behind the bar if you want to replay the Hunts, or talk to Ujio in the back room if you want to replay the Wanted missions. When you talk to them, look for an option ending in a parenthesis that says “Reset Quest”. Once you’ve restarted the Hunt or Wanted missions, it’s time to enter the field.

If you scroll through the map you will see 10 different areas with a hunt or search icon. You must visit each of these locations and repeat the mission. But to make things easier, set your world level to 01. Depending on your power, you should shoot almost every enemy you encounter in this level. You will spend more time traveling to these quests than trying to complete them.

We’ve used this method a number of times to get legends, but there’s one thing we’re not sure about when the game sets your loot tier: the higher the world tier, the better loot you’ll get. Just to be on the safe side, we always maxed out the world level on the last Hunt or Wanted mission. You want your legend to fall as high as possible. If you intend to use it instead of disarming it for the mod, dropping to World Tier 01 will require you to upgrade a lot, and upgrading Legendaries can be expensive.

Once you’ve reached your world level and completed the last Hunt or Wanted quest, go back to the bar in Trench Town and talk to the NPC about your quest types. You have to complete all the missions, which requires a lot of buttons in the menus. Once complete, you will receive 10 epic armor or weapons and one legendary.

You can do this over and over again to keep trying to get the gear you want.

And the shows?


Even at challenge level 12, you only have a 10% chance of getting a legendary one
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When playing Expeditions in equestrianreceive loot based on two different factors: your challenge level and the medal you earn. You can get many Legendaries from Expeditions, but it’s random and not guaranteed. Even if you get gold (the highest medal means you were as fast as possible), at the highest challenge level of 15 you only have a 25% chance of getting a legendary.

25% is pretty good, especially considering some races last 12 minutes or less. And it’s worth noting that Expeditions give you other things like Drop Pod resources and loot that are more relevant to your level. Grinding the highest expedition possible is the most efficient use of your time, but it’s not the best way to become legendary.

If you’re trying to get perfectly rolled gear, drop pod resources, and legendary items, stick with Expeditions. But if you just need to level up the Legendaries you need to advance, use the Hunt and Wanted method above.

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