Outriders guide: How to access the Forgotten Chapel secret quest walkthrough

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equestrian The quests are usually pretty simple: talk to an NPC and follow the magic marker to some enemies and a treasure chest. but one of equestrianThe later areas include a secret quest called “forgotten chapel.”

To unlock this secret mission in the Obelisk Grand Canyon region, you need to activate three pillars and then open a rune door. you deserve a Guaranteed legendary item as a reward for discovering the quest.

In this equestrian Forgotten Chapel Secret Mission Walkthrough, we will show you how to find and complete the Forgotten Chapel mission in the Great Obelisk area equestrian.

Grand Obelisk Canyon map


Flip the circles to find the small pillars. The tick is the door.
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

You need to activate three small pillars to even unlock the Forgotten Chapel quest. All three are easy to find if you’re exploring on your own, but use the map above to make sure you don’t miss any. There are two pillars in the entrance area of ​​the gorge and one in the area of ​​the monolith.

Once you find them all you can follow the quest and the objective marker will lead you to the door. Or you can go to the yellow marker on our map above.

The first small pillar


The first small pillar is directly to the left of your camp.
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

To find the first small pillar in the Obelisk Grand Canyon, leave your camp and enter the canyon’s entrance area. Turn left immediately. Here you will see a short path. Follow the path until you reach the glowing pillar next to the brazier. Approach the pillar and activate it by interacting with it. It will sink into the ground.

Stay in the entrance area of ​​the canyon for the next small pillar.

The second small pillar


The second small pillar is in a temple to the right of the monster nest at the entrance to the gorge.
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

From your camp, enter the canyon entrance at the Obelisk Grand Canyon. Go straight until you find a horde of monsters. Clear the area of ​​enemies – you need to kill a lot of these things to stop them from coming.

Once all the monsters are dead, go up the slope and turn right. Follow the stairs to a small temple area where you may have to fight more monsters. Inside the temple you will see a small loot chest and the second small pillar. Interact with the pillar and it will sink into the ground.

Now you must complete the main story quest in this area.

The third small pillar


The third pillar is at the end of the Monolith area in Outriders.
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

The third small pillar is in the Obelisk Grand Canyon Monolith area. You can’t access it until you’ve completed the main story for that area. Once the story mission cutscene plays and you’re prompted to return to camp, run to the back of the temple, behind some tents, and up the stairs. You will see the last small pillar at the top of the stairs.

Activate it to make it sink into the ground. Once you have sunk all three small pillars, you will receive the Forgotten Chapel quest.

Find the door to the Forgotten Chapel


The vault door on Cliffside Road – you had to go through it to get to the monolith. It is on your right when going uphill and on your left when going downhill.
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

Once you complete the Forgotten Chapel quest, you can use your quest marker to guide you to the door. Go to the flag west of the Cliffside Path area and go up the stairs to the actual Cliffside Path. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll come across a large vault door with glowing runes on the side. Climb the small pillar next to the vault door and activate it. The door opens.

Enter the Forgotten Chapel and search the chest to find a legendary weapon to complete this quest.

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