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equestrian There are 44 achievements and trophies to earn as you play. In this guide we list them all, divided into broad categories such as character progression or combat.

We’ll save the story-based achievements and trophies for last, as the names and descriptions include equestrian spoiler

Class tree progression and achievements/trophies

  • Fortune favors the brave. Reach character level 10.
  • Leave humanity behind. Reach character level 30.
  • A storm is coming. Unlock a node in the class tree.
  • exceeding the Storm. Master a branch of the class tree for any class.
  • vanguard of humanity. Get all achievements and trophies.

Quest line achievements/trophies

  • boss of the past Complete the Historian quest line.
  • hand of death. Complete the Wanted quest line.
  • big hunter. Complete the Hunter quest chain.

Side Quest Achievements/Trophies

  • The burdens we carry. Complete “Legacy of the Outrider”.
  • Urgent task. Complete a side quest.
  • Multitasking. Complete 25 side quests.
  • square tasks. Complete all side quests.

Achievements/trophies in battle

  • Overtime at the morgue. Kill 3500 enemies.
  • The gravedigger’s best friend. Kill 7500 enemies.
  • finger snapping Deals a total of 1,000,000 damage.
  • Misfortune loves company. Kill 10 enemies with no more than 2 seconds between each kill.
  • coup de grace Kill an enemy with at least 4 different status effects.
  • The shock of the changed. Kill 5 Elites with skills only.
  • Beat the price. Kill 1000 enemies in Expeditions.
  • ace up your sleeve. Use an improved skill with 4 different mods.
  • Hit. Kill 50 enemies total with any melee skill.

Crafting achievements/trophies

  • Tough negotiating partner. Sell ​​300 items.
  • Junk food for men… Dismantle 300 items.
  • true potential. Use crafting to increase the rarity of 15 items.
  • Extreme engineering. Use crafting to replace 10 item mods.
  • Inventor’s Almanac. Unlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods to craft.

Team Achievements/Trophies

  • Spoils of war. Equip a legendary item.
  • legacy of Enoch. Only equip a character with Epic or Legendary items.

Resources Achievements/Trophies

  • Prospector. Mine ore from a deposit 30 times.
  • Knowledge is power. Complete 150 journal pages.
  • One for books. Complete 300 journal pages.

Rewards for achievements/trophies

  • Good looking. Complete the top tier of 4 class awards for any class.
  • Pioneer, first class. Complete all recommendations of any class.
  • I’ve been there, done that. Reach discernment level 10.
  • I was everywhere, everything done. Reach discernment level 20.

History Achievements/Trophies

  • Awakened from a nightmare. Awaken to the new dark age of Enoch’s story.
  • A hero in Rode. Kill Gauss in the Tower of the Sun.
  • wavelengths and desires. Find out the direction of the signal source.
  • drive in one direction Prepare your truck to enter the forest.
  • professional negligence. Quit Scurlock.
  • Break the seal. Open the door leading out of the forest.
  • Parenting isn’t easy, boss. Defeat Yagak in Utargak.
  • offspring to anger Discover the origins of the Ferals.
  • one last chance Shoot down the drop pods.
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