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In this Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye Cinder Isles Walkthrough, we’ll guide you through navigating the Cinder Isles, exploring more shacks and finding a hidden lake, along with a ritual tower, burned scrolls, supplies, etc.


  • Cinder Isles walkthrough
  • ritual twist
  • two coils burned out
  • Hidden entrance to the ritual tower
  • Gas station
  • hidden coil 2
  • lost bridge

Cinder Isles walkthrough

When the raft floats, the Ashen Islands are the second area you are likely to hit eye echoes. The village is a collection of precarious huts on stilts and is easily recognized by the menacing presence of a tall wooden tower. There are some secrets to be discovered here, so let’s find them.

ritual twist

Did you notice the hut with paintings and lanterns? river valleys? Cinder Isles also has a building with the same type of rooms, but it towers over the rest of the city. This will be important later, but you don’t have to worry about it just yet.

two coils burned out

To find this area projection room, look for a building with white, red, and yellow exterior paint. Inside you’ll find two burnt reels, one with a jagged star symbol on the outside and a second with a symbol that features intersecting concentric circles.


The hut in this area has two scrolls.
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The reel with the intersecting circle symbol features one of the owls sealing a mysterious container. The Star Symbol Scroll features one of the owls witnessing a cataclysmic event related to the Star Symbol and burning down the ruined building on the Cinder Islands. Both reels appear incomplete, although only the star symbol has burned slides.

Hidden entrance to the ritual tower

In a building whose facade has symbols painted white that look like downward-pointing antlers, look for a different type of spotlight on the top floor, located in front of a painting of the tower. If you place a flashlight on the stool behind the headlight, light will appear on the board and reveal a back door in the tower.

The entrance is a hidden cave in the rocky island that supports the tower. Go inside and go up the spiraling rock ramp to enter the tower. Go upstairs to find some kind of study with a painting of the tower and a Kitchen sink with a green circle outside. Proceed to the top of the tower to find four images, each representing one of the four ritual structures abroad.

Take the reel to the screening room and play it. It shows the owls entering the ritual tower, removing a lantern in front of the owl’s image under a ringed planet, and then going to the now-dark alcove where the lantern was. The scroll also shows other owls doing the same thing in The Stranger’s ritual buildings.

Gas station

This one is purely practical, but on the island where the charred remains of a burned-out building lie, you’ll find a tank you can use to refuel your jetpack. Exploring The Stranger requires a lot of fuel, so it’s good to keep an eye on this location.


You can fill in here
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This burned-out building also contains a metal engraving of a star, noted in your logbook: “looks very similar to the Nomai symbol of the Eye of the Universe.”

hidden coil 2

Use your jetpack to fly to the top of the burning building, then jump and shoot to reach the flat cliff above the water. From there, go right and climb the cliff a little higher. You should see a lake separated from the rest of the water by a rock.

Jump up and push down with your jetpack. On the other side of the lake you climb through a hole to a hut built into the rock face. Here you’ll find another room with stacks of discarded bobbins and a machine that fits a bobbin, and at the other end a room with a lantern on display in an alcove.

Pick up the flashlight and a coil will appear showing two overlapping concentric circles surrounded by a ring of blue lightning. Unfortunately the door closes. Take the spool and go to the opposite end of the room where there is a hole in the floor you can go through. Now go back to the shack and jump over the broken bridge to reach a locked door leading back to the projection shack.

The hut features an owl person holding a shield-like object with the circle symbol superimposed over it, and mounting a raft that can levitate in two directions, casting a light into a crevice in a cliff, and teleporting them. This will be useful information later when you need to navigate starry bay.

lost bridge


Image: Mobius Digital/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Continue past most of the Cinder Islands and on the left you will find a cliff in front of a cabin built into the cliff face. The two areas were once connected by a bridge, but it was eventually washed away. You can’t access the cabin from the cliff, but check out our Hidden Gorge guide for how to get there.

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