Our Favorite Dog Treat Jars that Take Treat Storage to the Next Level

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We all know how much dogs love their treats, but what about those half-empty bags of treats cluttering up your closet or counter? Why not use a colourful, stylish, elegant or fun dog treat container? Protect your treats from prying paws and store them where they stay fresh and tasty. We have many dog ​​treat ideas to choose from, so choose your favorite!

Creative Co-Op Ceramic Woof Dog Treat Jar

This medium sized ceramic candy jar would make a great addition to any counter. Since it comes with a cute bone handle and lid (and the “frame”), no one should have a problem telling it apart from the human cookie jar. The container is bright white and measures six inches wide and nine inches high.

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Ceramic bucket for fire hydrants

This brightly colored ceramic cookie jar is a unique conversation starter. It’s hand painted for what can only be described as a “sleek” look and features a seal around the lid to keep contents fresh. What kitchen counter would be complete without this jar of dog treats?

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Limited Edition Snoopy Flying Ace Cookie Jar

Snoopy is the classic dog hero and the perfect guard dog for your pup’s treats. This jar has a high cuteness factor and is perfect for a light snack (as its countertop is 12″ x 8.5″ and 3″ tall). If your household uses dog treats a little faster, try another cute Snoopy option.

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Auldhome enamel dog treat jar

One of the larger options, this vintage dog treat jar measures 10.5 inches with a 12-cup capacity (looking at your Labrador parents). It is made from steel with a white enamel finish and the lid has a gasket to keep the contents fresh. Better yet, if you want to coordinate with other countertop decor, Auldhome makes a full line of these retro containers, including jars for coffee, pasta, cookies, compost, bacon grease (who said retro and farmhouse don’t go together?) and even dog food .

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Good treat for dogs.

Simple and elegant, this treat container combines a ceramic base with a beautiful bamboo lid. As well as being easy on the eyes, this jar is dishwasher safe (just hand wash the lid) and keeps treats fresh with a quality seal.

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Tin of dog biscuits

This stylish treat box is ideal for the minimalist dog lover. Made from food-safe, powder-coated steel, it offers plenty of space for lots of goodies (lucky pup!).

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Fetch For Pets R2D2 Treat Jar

If your pup is a Star Wars fan, we have to highlight a few options for you. Can’t decide? Try them all!

This Fetch for Pets jar features a trusted friend. And let’s face it, this droid shares many of the same traits we love in our canines: loyal, playful, and sweet. It has a silicone lid to keep treats fresh and is made from high quality ceramic with a glazed finish.

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The same design is available with some other well-known characters:

For pets, get Baby Yoda Treat Jar

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Fetch for Pets Darth Vader Treat Jar

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