Origami Frogs Tutorial – Origami for Kids

How about colors? Origami Frogs it can jump? Just follow this simple tutorial and voila!

This origami project for kids is super easy to make and the kids will have so much fun with it when they finish!

Origami Frog Tutorial - Origami for Kids

Tutorial how to make an origami frog

what will you need

  • a square sheet of paper
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • red language paper (optional)

Origami Frog Tutorial

Start by folding the paper diagonally (both diagonals). Unfold and fold in half. Unpacking.

Then comes a bit tricky part for young budding origami masters: you need to fold the parts marked with red dots in the picture above to the middle and put them in the position shown in the photo below (you will get a triangular shape). ).

Then fold the corner of the triangle (marked with a blue dot) to the top of the triangle. Do the same with the other corner.

Origami tutorial step by step

You should now have the shape shown in the first image above. Fold the right corner of the newly created square (marked with the red dot) to the center of the square. Do the same with the other corner.

Turn over the frog. We still have a triangle (unfortunately no picture of it). Take the corner of the triangle (marked with the blue dot) and fold it inwards as shown in the image above. Do the same with the other corner.


Take the place marked with a red dot in the picture above and unfold it. Do the same with the other side. Turn it over: little by little it looks like a frog, right?

The last part is a bit tricky, but if you want your frog to jump, it’s a must. You need to bend the frog’s back twice where indicated by the blue and red lines.

Position the frog as shown in the 4th image (above) and fold back along the red line (you can use the ruler or a credit card etc. to help). It now looks like picture number 4 (and 5 if you flip it). Now fold the frog along the blue line (fold forward).


Origami for children - frogs

To make these frogs even cuter, give them wide eyes and stick your tongue in their mouth!
If you press on the frog’s back, he’ll jump!

How to make origami frogs

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