Octopus Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Are your pencils ready to dive into an underwater adventure? We have tons of amazing octopus coloring pages to share with you!

From super easy coloring pages for preschoolers and younger to realistic octopus coloring pages, older kids may enjoy it more. With a huge selection of 30 designs to choose from, we’re sure your kids will love these more than just a few!

Printable octopus coloring pages

The octopus is one of the smartest creatures out there, so it’s sure to be fun to learn about. Coloring pages are a great addition to any lesson and can be a great conversation starter on any topic. When your kids have finished coloring the selected octopus coloring pages, why not challenge them to color one themselves? We have a very practical and easy to follow tutorial to draw an octopus.

Get ready for some summertime fun because we have many different octopus coloring pages for you. Although all 30 pages can be collected in our member library, we have also prepared ten free octopus coloring pages that you can print out and start coloring right away. The kids will love them.

Octopus waves

This cute octopus is waving at us and we bet he wants attention. Color in its tentacles and the whole side with your best pencils or markers and enjoy the summer days.

Sea animals coloring pages

Ready to color some more? Grab these art supplies and color the majestic squid. Its tentacles have many suckers. Gorgeous coloring to warm up your markers.

sleep peacefully

Isn’t it adorable? A sleeping octopus surrounded by small flowers and sea bubbles. Color it however you like and don’t forget the background. This will help the beauty of the ocean stand out.

Exploration of the seabed

Have you ever seen a smiling octopus? We bet he does, and this cute boy has a starfish friend to laugh with. This coloring page is ideal for kindergarten children because coloring is easy and fun.

Smiling octopus for coloring

What is this octopus laughing at? Maybe you’ve found a nice patch of seaweed and are tickling your tentacles. This site is perfect for little ones.

Three underwater friends

These tiny squids have just started their adventure in the ocean. You have to be careful and swim fast to get to safety. Color these young beauties and the background with your best art supplies too.

Enjoy the sea life

What could be nicer than having fun on the warm seabed between seagrass meadows and soap bubbles? Coloring this underwater creature will bring a lot of joy to young artists.

Find a treasure to color

Octopuses certainly have no problem unlocking secret underwater treasures. They have eight arms filled with suction cups that help them pick the lock. Grab your crayons and color in this octopus opening coloring sheet.

Hidden behind the coral

These underwater creatures can become invisible at any time. They can hide anywhere by changing their color to match the environment. This tries to hide behind the coral reef. Color the whole page and have fun!

Baby octopus coloring pages

Baby octopuses look so adorable. Look at those big eyes! It’ll be getting bigger soon, so grab your pencils and color the cub however you like. You can also color the background: use a blue marker or any other to make this sea creature stand out.

Have you colored these ten gifts yet? We have what you need! Exclusive members get the complete set of 30 octopus coloring pages. You can find them in our Members Library, and if you are not yet a member, we warmly invite you to become one and gain access to all membership offerings.

Coloring picture octopus

Grab your best art supplies and paint this lonely sea creature. We think pink would be perfect, but feel free to choose your favorite colors to make it stand out.

octopus coloring

Did you know that squid love to explore the seabed? This is how they make friends, and these two have just crossed paths and look excited. Color the coral reef and two squids.

Large octopus for coloring

Squid can get very large and this is a great example of how big they are. This coloring is perfect for young children as it includes large areas to color.

Coloring page sea animals

Life on the high seas can be exhausting. Swim, play and look for lunch. Octopuses need to sleep too, and did you know they change color when they dream? color in this adorable sea dreamer with your best colored pencils.

stupid octopus

Jump into the water with a swimming octopus and play with your crayons to make it as colorful as possible. This coloring sheet is perfect for summer and little kids will love it.

Coral Reef Exploration

What did this sailor see? There could be something hiding behind those rocks, or maybe this octopus is just looking for materials to build his home. Get bright colors, make the squid glow and don’t forget to color the sea, you can use light blue and dark blue markers.

fun underwater

Sea creatures are well-known builders. You can build different houses and use materials that we don’t even think are useful. He’s playing and has built a sandcastle right over his head. Isn’t that fun?

Squid with friends

Coral reefs are one of the most amazing environments and sea creatures love to explore them. Many of them live there and therefore we must take care of these precious places. This octopus sunbathes with two fish in shallow water.

angry octopus coloring

Sometimes octopuses get nervous and angry, so be sure you are. look at his face He doesn’t seem happy at all. But we’re sure there’s a better way to cheer up this harmless creature: color the whole page and have fun.

Realistic octopus coloring page

We’ve already said that octopuses are masters of camouflage and this one seems to be really aware of its surroundings. You can color the octopus with the same colors you use to color the environment: the choice is yours.

Squid swim

So many fun things happen in the ocean. Look and color this smiling octopus. It looks like he’s having fun with small fish.

smiling octopus coloring

Let your younger kids color this giant octopus coloring page. It’s perfect for summer and kids who need big spaces and easy designs to color in. Have fun!

bubble bubbles underwater

Did you know that octopuses like to blow bubbles underwater, among other things? This guy is getting ready to do more and we bet he’ll look great on a blue background.

enjoy the sea

Some animals know how to enjoy life. It looks like this one is collecting or maybe counting rocks by the sea. Make it as colorful as possible and count the stones yourself.

octopus coloring

What a sight – seaweed, coral, warm sand, bubbles and a cute octopus. Let your kids use their markers and color this cute coloring page.

hide behind rocks

All octopuses are very good at hiding. Check out this awesome friend hidden behind a large piece of coral. Or maybe it’s hiding behind a rock: you decide by painting it with your favorite colors.

Coloring page octopus swimming

Are you looking for a fun and easy sea animal coloring page? Here it is: a giant octopus with large tentacles waiting to be colored.

Realistic octopus coloring page

We’ve all heard of sea monsters and other unusual creatures. Some might call it a monster, but we know this sea creature is harmless and loves its aquatic life. could you color it

Laughing underwater

Another cute coloring page: an octopus sitting on a huge rock, laughing and having fun. You can think of all the things that could make this man laugh, tell stories, and color the whole sheet.

smiling friends

Aren’t they adorable? Three little friends swimming carefree in a huge ocean enjoying their everyday life. Grab these art supplies and make them stand out by coloring the sea too.

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