Obduction walkthrough: Kaptar 4. Farley’s room



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If you go up the stairs in the canal below the warp platform, you will enter another part of the temple. Take one of the stairs on your left to find catwalks outside and more stairs running along the cliff.


Start walking up the stairs. There are many stairs. Keep going until you see a giant skeleton. Follow the path around and under the skeleton.


Follow the path to the left and down where the path will take you to the dome wall. Walk across and you will be dropped off in another room on the other side. Go up the stairs you see.


There are many stairs. Keep working until you see something that looks exciting. However, that’s not what you’re looking for. This trading machine takes you to another new world and a locked door that you don’t yet know how to open.


This area is not yet the peak of his rise. Go back to the stairs and you will find another long flight of stairs.


At the top of the stairs you will see a broken machine. There is a small square just in front of the landing you go upstairs from. These are the stairs you will go down. There is another change machine at the foot of the stairs.


This machine will take you to Farley’s room in Hunrath. (If you were a Kickstarter backer, these two rooms are full of rewards.) This room is under your house; If you go through the narrow tunnel you will come to Farley’s vault door.


There are two things to read here: Farley’s journal on the desk by the bed and her notes on the arai larvae in the workshop, but nothing to do with that information at the moment. When you’re done here, take the trading machine back to Kaptar.


3. Assemble the chains

go back up

5. Water the tree


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  • Huenrath
  • 1. Start and turn on the light
  • 2. Take off the dome
  • 2½ Solve puzzles, count like an alien and learn base 4
  • 3. Open Farley’s chest
  • 4. Farley’s house
  • 5. The Mayor’s House
  • 6. Water the tree
  • 7. Trading Machines and Road to Kaptar
  • captain
  • 1. Lower the dome
  • 2. Turbine clutch
  • 3. Assemble the chains
  • 4. Farley’s room
  • 5. Water the tree
  • 6. How to get to Maray
  • swamp
  • 1. Don’t be afraid
  • 2. Build bridges
  • 3. The glove
  • 4. The maze
  • 5. Pods
  • 6. Water the tree
  • mofang
  • 1. How to get to Mofang?
  • 2. Water the tree
  • 3. Destroy the bleeding

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