No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft

Whether you’re looking for a cute DIY gift or a one-of-a-kind doorstop, this no-sew snowman craft is definitely something you should try.

This craft is perfect for anyone who has experienced the missing socks phenomenon (I mean everyone) because now you know what to do with all those weird socks.Seamless snowman crafts for kids and adults.  Such a fun DIY gift idea

Seamless snowman craft tutorial

Seamless Sock Snowman Craft

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What do you need

  • 1 white sock
  • 1 colored sock for the hat
  • rice
  • rubber bands (or yarn)
  • colored buttons
  • ribbons
  • glue gun
  • marker or paint
  • orange pompoms

The first images show a black sock – you should use a white one – the black sock is from another sock making tutorial we have – the procedure is the same.

Start by stuffing your white sock with rice. You’ll need a generous amount (we were quite surprised at how much rice fits in a sock).

When you are happy with the quantity (and size) of your snowman sock, secure the top with an elastic.

Take another elastic band and place it in the middle, higher up, of the rice-filled sock to form the shape of the head.

step 3

Now use a glue gun to glue the buttons to the bottom (glue dots work pretty well too).

Draw the mouth and eyes with a black marker or black paint.

We also added rosy cheeks (Crayola washable paints were perfect for the job). We did the nose with two orange pom poms, it was amazing.

Add Scarf Tape: We think glue dots and a glue gun work best for tape, while other glues fail miserably. You can trim off the excess white sock (or you can stuff it into the hat we’re going to make next).

Cut the colored sock (we cut the part of the foot without the heel). Roll it up a little and place it on your snowman’s head. You can leave it as it is or you can fix it with glue.

This stocking snowman is ready to rock.

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