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No Man’s Sky next it is here and it is thick.

Let’s say you stopped following the Atlas Trail a few years ago, just like us. And let’s also say that, like us, you’re ready to dust off your Gek-to-Traveler dictionary and explore the universe again. With everything that has been added in the last two years, not to mention everything that has been added next – It’s a discouraging suggestion to just go back. So consider this your beginner’s guide.

It’s still essentially the same game, but…

You probably still understand the basics of Nobody’s heaven – or you’ll think of it pretty quickly – and nothing at the core of the game has really changed. Your backpack is still too small, your spaceship doesn’t have enough space in the trunk and you’re still running out of resources. You will still spend a lot of time shooting at rocks with a ray gun.


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But it has become much more than before. If you haven’t visited it again Nobody’s heaven in a few years, next It will almost feel like a new game, there will be freighters and bases and teleporters and all new resources. In fact, if enough time has passed and you try to revert to a previous save, you will find that all your technology (mods and upgrades) is outdated and useless.

So what should a traveler do?

Let the game guide you

Nobody’s heaven next It’s packed with new resources (with new uses), new upgrades, and new mechanics. The quickest way to learn them is to start a new game. The game walks you through (most of) the new things you need to know when launching your ship, similar to the original version of this quest but modified, and teaches you the basics of the new controls and mechanics.


Meeting Artemis.
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When you arrive in space you will receive a message from another traveler named mugwort. (If you don’t want to start a whole new game, look for the message from Artemis: He’ll communicate with you the first time you fly into space.) As you follow Artemis’ story, you’ll come into contact with many of them come. new mechanics.

So what’s so different?

Let’s talk about some of the biggest changes you’ll see when you come back to us Nobody’s heaven. (Not everyone is new to the next To update.)

planets and minerals

The planets are no longer just two elements and a few crystals. You can find multiple elements, sometimes even in the same minerals. And you can examine the elements each planet has from space.

To complete


Press the directional pad to bring up a reload menu.
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Nobody’s heaven has always had some sort of charging mechanism, and you still need to pump fuel into your ship’s engine and charge your mining laser batteries. But now there’s a much faster way to do it. Press the D-Pad to bring up the gear reload menu, which allows you to reload everything from your suit to your multi-tool to your ship with just a few button presses.


As you choose what to use to charge your gear, you’ll find that you have a few options. For example, you can charge your mining laser with (raw) coal, condensed coal or phosphorus. Mostly these are rare items (or more complicated items to craft), but that has a twist.

To continue our carbon example, collect raw carbon from plants, but you can also refine it into condensed carbon yourself. And you’ll want to do this because a more refined element (or one that’s harder to make) is a more efficient source of energy: it takes a lot less condensed carbon to charge your mining laser than raw carbon.


The portable refining interface. Here we process the ferrite powder into pure ferrite.
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Press the directional pad to bring up a menu where you can choose from different ones Wearable Technology items to build (this is also the menu from which you create your basic building). The most important element here is the portable refiner. It will build it, load it with carbon, and process elements within it. You will use it to convert raw items into better sources of energy or break down items into more useful raw items.


There are three coins in it Nobody’s heaven now. You still have your base credits. You will use them in the galactic trade network and buy ships like before. but next also has a currency called Nanite Cluster (These were added in the Pathfinder update in early 2017, but let’s assume like us you didn’t know that.)

Nanite clusters are your dedicated upgrade currency (see technology clerks Low). You get nanite clusters by repairing damaged machines on planets or removing them from buildings. Originally, this is how you found blueprints for upgrade modules. You can also earn them by completing them Homework to the mission officer (more info below) or upload your results (it’s a simple and effective way to create a ton nanite groups).


Download Discoveries to earn Nanite Clusters.
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You can download your discoveries from the Discoveries tab in your menu. You can hold down a button to download each marked item individually, or there are buttons to download all new discoveries at once. However, there are some pitfalls and extra steps. You can only download all fauna, flora, minerals and one category at a time; You still have to click each tab. When downloading all system data, the list on the left, no information about flora, fauna or minerals is downloaded.

space stations

The concept of the space stations remains basically the same. You can still come here to access the Galactic Trade Network, sell your stuff and buy a new ship, but there’s a lot more, a lot of the game’s upgrade mechanics have now moved here that we want to give away. Your own section of the space station.


The landing bay of a space station.
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We divide them into left and right depending on the station exit as your ship shows when departing as in the image above.

right side

The right side of the space station is dedicated to her team. On the right you will find a hallway that leads to a small room. There will be some NPCs hanging around and a Galactic Trade Network hub.

appearance modifier


In the appearance modifier, you can change everything from your race to the color of your shoes.
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On the far left (towards the front of the station) you will first find the appearance modifier. Now that you have the option of a third-person camera, you have opinions as to what it looks like. Appearance modifier allows you to change it anytime for free.

technology clerks

Along the wall you will find three technology clerks. His stalls, left to right, sell tech for his suit, boat, and multi-tool. While you’re there, spend your Nanite Cluster be sure blueprints for upgrade modules or just one use upgrade module. The difference here is that a blueprint will build and rebuild the mod as many times as necessary, but you will have to collect the necessary resources each time, while buying the mod directly will allow you to skip the resource collection, but you will not earn anything . I don’t know how to create a new one if needed.


The Tech Trader outfit and hologram to add inventory slots to your outfit.
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A quick but important note: if you walk a little past the costume craft vendor at his booth, you can interact with the costume’s hologram. This allows you to buy additional inventory slots for your costume with credits. This is similar to how drop pods work. (You can still find drop pods in-game, and they still allow you to upgrade your costume. However, now you get the upgrade for free instead of taking credits once you complete the resource-intensive repairs to the drop pod. Those repairs mean you won’t be able to use a launcher pod to upgrade your suit for a long time if you’re just starting out.)

Left side

The left side of a space station is about your relationship with the local alien race. It will be full of NPCs to talk to. You’ll also find a (another) Galactic Trade Network hub and a teleporter (which will take you and your ship back to any space station you’ve visited or any base you’ve built).

Quests and Quest Agents


Mission Agent Selection of missions.
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There are two mission officers on the left side of each station. The one on the left is the only one who talks to you first. Homework are another new mechanic No Man’s Sky next. These are small side quests that you can complete to earn credits, valuable trade items, or pools of nanites. They often increase your standing with the local alien race.

The quests you can accept depend on your status with the local alien race and your rank in the three guilds: Explorers (Korvax), Traders (Gek), and Mercenaries (Vy’keen). Once you have a high enough standing with the local guild, you can start taking on more complicated and rewarding quests. Guild Quests.

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