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advances in the Nobody’s heaven It’s usually rewarded: a better mining laser means you get new items, or a better warp drive means you can visit new systems. Similarly, with blueprints that you get throughout the game (either through finding or as a reward), you can unlock new things to build or new technologies for your team.

The plans for Atlas Passport (well, three blueprints for different versions of AltasPass) will literally unlock things for you. Next we will see how to use the three types of AtlasPass and how to find their blueprints.

What does an AtlasPass do?


Create an AtlasPass V1.
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Point pass atlas is a lock to cross. the Atlas Passport V1 allows you to enter locked boxes and debris that you find on planets; This usually gets you something useful (or at least something worth selling). the next release, Atlas Passport V2 It takes you through locked doors to buildings on a planet where you can find rare items and some useful items. the Stage Atlas v3 It takes you to a storage room in each space station where you can find even rarer and better items.

You don’t just get a completed form Atlas Passport, Nevertheless. You need to find a blueprint and build it.

Find AtlasPass plans

There are two ways to find the levels of the three pass atlas — Reception of Polo the space anomaly or randomly get them from a Production facility.


On one of his first visits to space anomalyPolo gives you the map of Atlas Passport V1. This is the most consistent way to find it. You have to reach a certain milestone to get it, but that’s way too soon. If Polo doesn’t abandon his plans on his first few visits, just remove a few milestones (you can check their progress in his menu) and return to them.


Polo gives technology plans in exchange for reaching milestones.
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Keep checking back with Polo as the game progresses. After a few milestones, you will receive a new upgrade that will help you in your exploration and adventure. As you progress with Polo, you will Strength get the next AtlasPass plan.

production facilities

See plans below production facilities It’s a bit more intense (both in terms of action and resources) but consistently more rewarding. Successfully solving a facility puzzle always gives you a blueprint, and there’s no downside to that.


Using a signal booster to find crafting facilities.
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You might come across a manufacturing facility while wandering around a planet, but finding one on purpose will take some work. You need at least one navigation data and one (portable) signal booster. You can create a signal booster in your Wearable Tech menu by pressing the D-Pad. Navigation data is everywhere – look at the colorful blocks on space station tables or buildings. You probably already have some without even realizing it.

Place your signal booster and then select Input data (1 navigation data) from your menu. Select on the next screen Scan safe frequencies. You can find the nearest production facility here. Once you are there, you need to open the door. This will alert the Sentinels and they will attack you. Once inside, you are safe from the Sentinels. Make sure you know the local language so you can solve the puzzle in the installer console (or just save before entering the game and reload the game if you mess up). As a reward you will receive a blueprint.

The plan you get is random, so it takes a few tries. Finding a manufacturing facility will consume the navigation data you entered into the signal booster, but you’ll likely find another one in the facility on the table.

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