Nissan Skyline (R34) review


As it is inside?

At the time, the multifunction display in the middle of the R34’s dash, displaying all sorts of things like turbo and oil temperatures, G-meter, lap times and the like, was a little wonder. These days it looks like a cheap computer game, but it’s no less charming for that.

The rest of the interior tries hard to be tough, but it still feels like there’s hard plastic under that scented layer of added fur, and there’s the comedic return of a face-to-face radio with more LED lights than a crappy nightclub. But to be honest, no one has ever bought a GT-R for the interior: it’s more functional than pretty, more useful than design.

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That said, there’s plenty of room in the front, less in the rear, vision is good (even if the rear is divided by a spoiler), and the trunk is quite large. The seats look uncomfortable, too, but they’re really not, and in this standard format it’s a capable, easy cruiser if you want it to be.

Don’t opt ​​for any of the “N1” variants that came without the rear wiper, air conditioning, or radio; these were race-prepared homologation specials, although some were revealed in the real world. You might want the interior to feel a little more special, but the consensus seems to be that you buy a GT-R for the things you can’t see, rather than a plastic dash. Handmade Nappa leather.

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