Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On? Try These Fixes

As fun as the Nintendo Switch is when it’s working properly and you can play on the go, it’s frustrating when it stops working and won’t turn on when you fancy a session. The reality is that the Nintendo Switch is riddled with an issue that causes the console to shut down and appear beyond repair.

Nintendo Switch not working

We researched this issue thoroughly and managed to figure out a number of common reasons that render your Nintendo Switch console lifeless. Here is a list of possible reasons why your Nintendo Switch console will no longer turn on:

  • Problems with the charging cable – Most of the time, the charging cable is the culprit for the console not turning on. Try to check for damage and if it’s a mismatched cable you should replace it (preferably with an official Nintendo equivalent).
  • empty battery – Your battery may be dead and you may not even know it. If you’re a new Switch user, keep in mind that putting the console on charge mode can take a while for the screen to turn on if the battery is completely drained. Make sure the charging cable is properly connected to the console and let it charge for a while.
  • firmware problem – It’s not uncommon for this particular issue to appear due to some sort of software in the event of a firmware bug. If you find yourself in this scenario, the first thing you should do is perform a forced restart. If that fails, your only option is to perform a hard reset.
  • hardware error – If none of the fixes presented in this article worked for you, your only option is to conclude that you really are dealing with a hardware problem. In this case, the only thing you can do is repair your console.

Now that we have looked at all the possible reasons that could be causing this particular problem on your Nintendo Switch console, let’s go through some of the available solutions. Follow the guides below in any order and see if your problem is fixable or not.

Check for charging cable problems

As with the vast majority of handheld consoles, the Nintendo Switch is no stranger to charging cable issues.

No matter how careful you are, the charging cable will wear out over time (especially if you play while charging), so make sure it’s not damaged.

Look for exposed objects, frayed cables, bent adapters, or bent pins.

It’s also important to use an official Nintendo Switch charging cable, unless you have no other choice: a third-party cable could damage your console in the long run. affect battery life.

Nintendo switch cable

If you find that your charging cable is damaged or you are using a third-party charging cable, we encourage you to do so Change it up with an official Nintendo Switch cable to properly charge your console and avoid long-term battery problems.

If you’re sure your charging port isn’t the culprit, see below for the next solution.

Fully charge your Nintendo Switch

Before declaring it a hardware issue, take some time to make sure your Nintendo Switch is charged. I know it sounds silly, but it’s possible that you didn’t plug the cable in properly and the console wasn’t charging.

If the charging cable you are using is older or non-Nintendo, it will take longer for the console to charge properly.

Charging cable for Nintendo Switch

To update: Even if the screen does not turn on immediately after plugging in to charge, please wait patiently.

Before proceeding with the other solutions to this problem, let your Nintendo Switch charge for a few hours to ensure it is fully charged and then check if the console is cooperating and if not, check the next method below.

Perform a forced restart

If you previously ruled out the possibility of a power cord problem, your next step is to investigate a possible firmware problem.

We were able to confirm that users facing the same type of issues were finally able to turn on their Nintendo Switch console Press the power button in a specific way.

Note: If the problem reappears after successfully using this solution, you will probably have to repeat the forced restart every time you encounter this problem.

Here are the steps to turn on your Nintendo Switch using only the power button:

  1. Press and hold the power button on top of the console for 12 to 15 seconds.

    Press the power button on the Nintendo Switch
  2. When the seconds are up, release the button and then press three times quickly againBut the third time you have to hold the button until the Nintendo Switch turns on.
  3. See if you can get past the initial screen.

If you have already tried all the methods and your Nintendo Switch is still not working, please proceed to the last method which will help you to fix the problem.

Perform a hard reset

One last thing to try is to perform a hard reset, aka hard reset, on your console Reset to factory settings.

This method is effective in many situations where your console won’t boot. Factory resetting the Nintendo Switch would also improve the performance of the console.

Here are the steps to perform a hard reset on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Press and at the same time long press the power button and the Press and hold the volume up/down buttons for 5 seconds to enter service mode.

    Enter maintenance mode on the switch
  2. Inside maintenance Fashion, Use the Joy-Con to navigate directly Initialize the console without deleting save datathen press TO THE RIGHT.

    Initializing the console in maintenance mode

    Note: If you want to erase all saved data on your console, tap Initialize the console.

  3. Follow the provided instructions and then test again to see if your Nintendo Switch now turns on.


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