Nier Replicant guide: How to load a previous save

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Things don’t always go according to your wishes Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… and sometimes you have to go back to a previous save to recover. The prompt to load a saved game is hidden in some menus, making it difficult to find. In this replicant kidney Remake guide we will show you how to save and then load a previous save from your menu.

Back up your Nier Replicant game

There is no auto-save feature on the replicant kidney remaster it so that it is only saved in specific locations and only when you consciously choose to do so. Those steampunk mailboxes save points They are distributed all over the world: you will find the first one right in front of your house.

There are only three save slots available, so you’ll need to be strategic about how and when you save.

Make sure to save often – visit a save point every time you pass. (For example, in our experience, this Deny replicant Remake does not work well with PS5 sleep mode).

Load a Nier Replicant game

If you need to revert to a previous save, you will need to navigate through a few levels of menus. Select from the pause menu Options > Other > Upload. This will bring up your list of three saves.

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